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Any type of marketing can feel like a contest for getting people’s attention! With lead generation, it is all about identifying and attracting potential customers. Whether the focus is inbound or outbound, the goal is the same. It’s about seeking leads for businesses and then nurturing them. It involves understanding their audience and solving their problem. The best response involves incentives. In time, converting contacts into sales.

Outbound marketing may seem like an old fashioned, traditional approach. Some tend to view it as out of date. It is not really the case at all.

Often times it’s referred to as an interruption. That seems quite true a lot of the time. You are the one initiating the contacts. With cold calls, many recipients may not be in the mood to talk with someone they didn’t seek out, or know for that matter. Outbound does disrupt routines, but it could be done in more subtle ways.

You call the shots. You decide how and when to initiate your message to your prospects. It’s a complete win if you’re a natural salesperson. There are numerous avenues to tap beyond the phoning approach. Think of it as moments when something catches your eye, or ear, and interests you. It might be a mail flyer, billboard, television or radio ad, internet pop-up ad, or an email. If you really set your sights on your target audience, those that would benefit from what you have to offer, you may get some positive reactions. As with inbound, it all involves planning, graphics, and design. Outbound is finite though. It is short term. You put it out there and hope for inquiring responses. It does build awareness quickly and can attract new business.

In today’s technological age, there are tools from Twitter, Linkedin, and Google which allow businesses to target potential customers with some pinpoint accuracy. You can obtain names, locations, demographics, sites visited, online behavior, and life events to personalize your approach toward them. Billboards and any print format can include your website, your incentive. Linking with them, you can drive audiences to landing pages where they can claim your offer for just a bit of information. You just need enough to follow up with them. It can be very rewarding!

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