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Custom development to a fully functional website. Our experienced team uses the latest programming techniques bring our clients vision to life.


We offer managed hosting solutions for our clients. When up time and reliability is important, you can trust Web Fox Marketing!


Improving user experience and customer satisfaction by enhancing the usability, simplicity of use, and value provided between the user website.


Our website services include affordable maintenance plans. Let us worry about the technical stuff, and you focus on running your business!


Attractive styling and layout of pages, content, and images, through efficient technology including HTML, CSS and responsive design tools.


Once we launch your website, we will help you get found in Google search and maps. Free Google my Business setup and training included!

Ready to dominate in today’s digital age?

Then let’s get started and create something incredible for your business. Our experienced SEO agency will ensure we will deliver on your vision, and achieve your goals. Our professional team specializes in helping businesses grow and prosper online.

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responsive website services

Responsive Websites

All our web builds are responsive ready. Whether users or prospects are searching on desktop, tablet, mobile or laptop, we got you covered!

With the rise of mobile search, it is more important today then ever to ensure your website renders properly. That is why all our sites are built utilizing the latest responsive technology, no exceptions! Don’t forget to check out our website portfolio.

Design & Development

If you are looking to grow your online presence, increase sales, and attract more leads, then a new website should be a priority!

A high converting website can be your best advantage in today’s digital marketing world. Our approach to web design is to integrate key modules, UX, and conversion front and center.

Our web developers are experts in the best design and industry trends. Throughout the development process, we work closely with our clients to ensure we over deliver on our commitment to quality. Even after launch, we keep in close contact to ensure everything is running smoothly, as intended.

All our websites also include proper search engine optimization so that your site will show up in local search results page!


What’s Included in Our Website
Hosting Plus Package?


SEO Integration

All our sites include search engine optimization. We build sites with you in mind! Our success depends on your prospects finding your services, therefore, we make sure your business shows up in search results!


24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring

We keep an eye on your website for you. Our team receives instant notifications if your website goes down, so we can get it back online before anyone else notices.


SSL Certificate Installation

SSL Certificates keep your site and online transactions secure with strong encryption, protecting any sensitive data your site may be collecting. They have become a standard for safety when it comes to online security.


Daily Backups

We recognize that “life happens” so we include daily backups for all our client sites – including all your files and database! Our programmers are able to restore your site to its original glory, if needed!


Optimized for speed

The single biggest factor when someone arrives at your site is how fast it loads, we take care of everything so pages load quickly including: site-wide caching, delayed image loading, image compression, PHP7!


Blog / Social Media Marketing

Our websites include blog integration. Post quality content on your site, and we will syndicate your posts to your Twitter, Facebook, and Google accounts.


Content Capture Forms

We will include contact forms linked to your email to capture new prospect leads. Let’s design the perfect form that collects just the right amount of information for your followup.


Free Images

We can use your images, or you can choose from millions of stock images. You are sure to catch the attention of your prospects when they visit your site.


Software Updates

Your new website will always be up-to-date with the latest operating versions of WordPress and related plugins. Our programmers will make sure your site continues to function smoothly, and will implement critical updates, so you don’t have to!


Mobile Responsive Design

Our sites are built using the latest technology in responsive web design. From mobile, tablet, to desktop – all our sites are fully responsive to render perfectly on any device.


Website Hosting

We include hosting as part of your monthly subscription. You can use your own domain or we can get one for you. While you focus on your business, your website will benefit from our essential hosting services


Professional Email Account

Get a premium business email to match your domain and build trust! Secure POP/IMAP/Webmail, 20GB Mailbox, Custom email filtering, Outlook auto-setup, and more.


24/7 Website Security Monitoring

At Webfox Marketing, we take security seriously. Rest assured, your web properties are safe and built using the highest standards available today. We monitor your site around the clock, including malware scanning!


Google and Bing Listings

That’s right, we will help you get your business listed with Google and Bing. From setting up your profile, to maximizing your Google and Bing pages, you are sure to shine. Setting up your listings properly can make or break your ability to rank!


Website Login

Our clients can login and make changes or updates to their content. Minor changes are always FREE, just send us a message and we will make the change for you.


Dashboard Training

We won’t leave you hanging. Your dedicated success manager will walk you through your new website, show you key features, and answer any questions you may have. Our website solution includes the industry’s best training resources!

Websites for Doctors

“full-service digital marketing agency, helping local doctors
increase their web presence”

Home Services Industry

“lead capture forms, blog posting, social media optimization”

Websites for Attorneys

Bankruptcy Attorney Marketing, Divorce Attorneys, and More!

Websites for Any Business


Search Engine Optimized (SEO) sites built to be found online. All our websites include the latest search technology


Got an idea for a new site? Great, let us know what’s on your mind. Let’s work together and craft your vision.


From social media integration, review widgets, sliders, galleries, forms, etc. we got you covered.

Testimonials For

Webfox Marketing LLC

“The Web Design is Magnificent!

“George there isn’t enough space here to let you know how much you have educated and helped me with our web services. The web design and site is magnificent. If any wants to contact me to I would be happy to let them know how pleased I am with everything you have done for us.”

Rating by Mike Bratcher:
5.0 stars

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Testimonials For

Webfox Marketing LLC

“Highly recommended!”

“George was fantastic, provided more guidance and recommendations on SEO best practices in 45 minutes than our Web Hosting / design team did in six months!”

Rating by JM B.:
5.0 stars

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Testimonials For

Webfox Marketing LLC

“Web Fox does an outstanding job with SEO!”

“George is great with educating his clients as to how to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines to get the most visibility for their business.”

Rating by Charlene Bush:
5.0 stars

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Testimonials For

Webfox Marketing LLC

“George was so wonderful to work with!”

“George was incredibly helpful and transparent with his business practices. We value his time so greatly because of his professional demeanor and general willingness to help. We wish we would have met him & come across Webfox Marketing sooner!”

Rating by Art Leaders:
5.0 stars

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Testimonials For

Webfox Marketing LLC

“George Is very knowledgeable about digital media marketing.”

“He educated me on quality websites, blog content, SEO and Google AdWords. I look forward to working with him again”

Rating by Lindsay R:
5.0 stars

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Testimonials For

Webfox Marketing LLC

“George is super knowledgeable and helpful.”

“George is super knowledgeable and helpful and completely understands SEO and website development and how the two need to work together. I learned a ton from him in just the hour we had together! We will meet again!!”

Rating by John S.:
5.0 stars

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Contractors Industry

Let’s tell your story with a vibrant responsive website.

Health Care Practices

“increase local ranking prominence”

Websites for Retail Stores

“let’s start with responsive design, implement reputation software,
and increase your virtual reach”

Fashion Industry

“mobile responsive web designers for a fast paced world”

Do You Have Questions?

We got answers. Contact us today to chat about your project.


Most websites can be up live and running within 4-6 weeks. Upon confirmation of your purchase, you will be assigned a success manager to work with you from day one.


Yes, absolutely, all sites are optimized for local search. Not only will your site be found online, we will help you keep it ranking.


Yes absolutely. We also offer free domains with every subscription.


Yes, you will have access to the blog module. We also offer free service to sync your blog post to your social media accounts inlcuding; Facebook, Twitter, and more!


We offer a managed website solution for our clients. We will make minor changes to your site free of charge. However, you are given a login and can make changes to your site!


Yes, we use for stock images. Feel free to browse their selection of over 60 million images, for use on your new site! Some restrictions apply.


Our sites are hosted on the most robust and secure servers in the industry. 24/7 monitoring including daily site backups are included in every plan.


We so certain that you will be completely satisfied with our services, we offer a no questions asked cancellation policy. There are no long-term commitments, no hidden fees. We just ask that you give us 30 days notice.


In today’s digital world, we possess data at our will. Whether we use a mobile phone, desktop, tablet, or laptop, we are able find anytime and any where. Websites can show up on any of these devices, but may not be easy to view and navigate equally. That is unless it involves a responsive website structure. Effective web layout is critical to improving the visitor experience!

Integrating responsive web design provides an optimal screen size and interactive experience. Mobile friendly devices can render regular web sites, but the text can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to navigate. Responsive design improves this. Actually, it provides a custom viewing experience for different web platforms. The end result of this kind of design is to create pages that identify each users screen size, orientation, and change the layout accordingly. The website developers at Web Fox Marketing are skilled in building high quality sites that render seamlessly on any device.>/p>

Not only does responsive design improve usability for devices, it improves speed with better page load times for mobile devices. And this greatly improves your website’s SEO with better rankings! If you have any questions in regards to responsive website design, please give us a call.

Now more than before, it is clear that success for most advertisers is to adopt a mobile marketing campaign for their business. The shift in advertising has already migrated to mobile, so the time to begin your strategy was yesterday! Not only is it smart to optimize your website for mobile, but it’s also important is to embrace mobile friendly web design to your advantage.


The sale of mobile devices is on the rise. As an entrepreneur, you must be visible to a world of potential customers, regardless of their device. Once anyone arrives at your website, it must be a positive experience. This happens if you build an attractive color scheme, have engaging pictures, occupy space effectively, and deliver desirable content. It is imperative that all of this is quickly navigated from the beginning to the end during their visit. It is also important that your site displays properly for the user. Their journey may have begun at home on their desktop. Then, that journey may be continued from their phone; whether it’s vertical or horizontal. If you are utilizing responsive web design, the entire experience will be a good one.

Next time you get a chance, take a minute to take a look around, the number of people are browsing their cellular phone … it’s extraordinary! We use our mobile devices for just about whatever we can control with a “click.”

Google and Facebook have been shifting more of their income strategies to mobile.

Mobile marketing is more than a trend, it is the most essential factor in how customers prefer to do business. When discussing mobile, the most fundamental starting point needs to be your web site layout. Is it mobile responsive? If not, it must be. Responsive web designs are incredibly reliable in capturing the attention of prospective clients. Its about user experience. Your site needs to render fast, buttons need to be large enough to click, and must be simple to navigate.

Keep in Mind These Tips for High Converting Sites
The best converting sites do a very good job in delivering the value proposition. Website viewers require to discover precisely what to do whenever landing on to your site. Even more important, they should also identify the value. Whenever crafting website content, designers should constantly think about the motives for why prospects might get your products or solutions. Are you presently providing complimentary delivery, is there an attractive promotion, no matter what the approach, make certain it truly is engaging.

There are many essential attributes in the majority of highly converting websites, they include:

• Special bargains towards the beginning of the landing page.
• Include an appealing headline.
• Identifying what your site visitors browsing for.
• Client recommendations from individuals who have used the product or service.

Highly converting websites begin with an attention grabbing heading.

In the very least, it ought to compel your guest to stick around and discover more with regards to your advantage. Begin with explaining to the visitor just what your solutions are about. Ensure that it’s precise and to the point. Make sure to keep it fewer than 20 words, even less is certainly better. Remember, your guest will “click” away at any moment. It is common knowledge that your headline might be the difference between a bounce or possibly a conversion. Initial impressions are critical not only with conversions but additionally with your web site. It is a excellent strategy to incorporate in your headline the primary reason and advantages to sign up or purchase your product.

The best converting sites in most cases posses numerous of the same features.

Keep in mind the objective of successful splash pages ought to be to supercharge conversions which assist business objectives. Web pages (additionally known as squeeze pages, splash pages, lead capture pages) are oftentimes the company home page. It’s a great idea to split test different versions to determine important clues for optimization. Designers must always develop pages with conversion in mind. Simple integrations including opt-in forms, phone numbers, and deals should be standard. That is exactly why sites usually tend to be crafted to focus on certain keyword phrases.

Highly converting webpages ought to target a specific product or service.

Furthermore, with some fundamental conversion tracking you will have the chance to monitor the success. Perhaps, the most important design concept is an effective CTA. Before adding your CTA into your lead capture page, you should determine your objective. Some thoughts to keep in mind include: describe how your offer might address a concern or make somebody’s life simpler.

Check out the websites we have built for
our clients here in Michigan and beyond!

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