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Let our SEO experts build your responsive website. Located near Livonia MI, we offer the latest technology in search engine optimization, and are always excited to work with companies to build cost effective / highly converting websites. No matter what type of business or service you provide, we can help!

Affordable Websites

Get the perfect site today without breaking the bank. We work with local businesses to tell their story! Carefully crafted to ensure optimal opportunity for conversions, you are sure to impress your prospects!

SEO Integration

Out of the box, our premium websites are ready to rank. Our sites are SEO (search engine optimized) to help new customers find your business in in Google, as well as many other search engines.

FREE Reviews Software

Start capturing 5-star reviews with Text Messages. Offering the latest technology in collecting reviews! We have multiple options and effective campaigns to assist in growing your reviews online.

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SEO Integration

All our sites include search engine optimization. We build sites with the end user in mind. Our success depends on your prospects finding your services, therefore, we make sure your business shows up in search results!


Managed Website

All websites are fully managed by our US based web developers. From core WordPress updates, security, daily backups, and more! Need some changes, no problem we make reasonable changes FREE of charge!


responsive design

Our sites are designed using the latest technology in responsive web architecture. with the user in mind. All our sites are fully responsive to render perfectly on any device. From mobile, tablet, to desktop – your site will shine.


Client Provided Login

Log into your website and make changes, update your blog, and more. You are sure to catch the attention of prospects when they visit your website. Choose from millions of stock images or use your own.


Social Media Marketing

Let’s expand your virtual presence by posting quality content. Link your blog to your social accounts! Social media posting is a great way to get the word out. Need help with social media? No problem, we can help.


Blog integration & SYnc

All websites include blog integration, giving you full control. Every time you post your blog, we will sync it with your social media accounts! Ask about blog syndication to your social media accounts today.

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Why choose our web design agency located near Livonia Michigan? We help our clients manage their website. We recognize you are busy running your business. Our experts will make reasonable changes/updates to your website free of charge. Call us today and learn more about how we can help.

Your Ideas

As part of your new site, you have the option to use our copy or your own words to best describe your business. Let’s build your website today!

Edit Your Site

All sites include a client log in. Make changes, update content, etc. As part of our services, we will make reasonable changes free of charge.

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"I recommend you contact George!"

"I had a website that existed, but did not produce new clients. George re-designed both my website and my total web presence. My web presence now produces new client phone calls to my office on a consistant basis."

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Website Company located in Livonia MI

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We understand the importance of SEO integration. When we deliver your website, rest assured, your investment will begin working for you from day one! Our sites are SEO (search engine optimized), and ready to rank in Google, as well as many other search engines.

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5-star-review-onlineby Lori Beyer

George created a brand new website for the Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. He was fantastic to work with... more

5-star-review-onlineby George P.

I cannot recommend George and his team enough. I was paying a lot of money for mediocre results. George walked me... more

5-star-review-onlineby Dr. Hechtman

"I had a website that existed, but did not produce new clients. George re-designed both my website and my total web presence... more

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Let’s say you’ve made a great first impression with your website! Wonderful! Next thing to do is keep those inquiring eyes on track, your track! Navigating through an interesting mix of text and visual images is important. Remember that timing matters too. Your site...

Web Design To Impress And Entice

Your website is where first impressions are made. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and that impacts interest in your brand, leaving visitors to potentially want more. If they want more, they will return and will perhaps linger longer. A strong web...

Google, Bing, and Organic Bling!

Most local businesses are aware of Google’s powerful reach and the advantages afforded via. Adwords and organic ranking. The best web strategies are built to “feed” Google Bot what it wants, and in return soar to the top of search results. Often, local businesses...

Website Considerations – HTTP vs HTTPS

It is well known that Google controls the majority search queries and does a great job in delivering solid search results. To increase your chance of showing up, it’s important to have a secure website. An effective first step involves a switch from HTTP to HTTPS. You...

Web Design and Marketing: Merger

Whether there exists the need to design a website or redesign it, there are numerous aspects to consider first. This includes two crucial areas: search engines and content. Both are important as integral parts of the design of any site in order to be successful in...

Is Your Website Responsive or Broken?

In today’s digital world, we have information at our fingertips, and many styles for our fingers to do the walking. Whether we use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, we can search just about any time and any place. Websites can appear on any of these platforms,...

Web Design and First Impressions

First impressions can make or break success when it comes to a business. And these days, that first impression involves screen time. You have a glimpse of a chance to impress, otherwise, potential customers are long gone! Having the right look matters and involves...

Website Design Ideas

You have a business. You want to advertise and become well known, successful. Gone are the days of solely advertising by using newspapers, magazines, flyers, benches, or even billboards for larger budgets. Although these do reach the public, they’re limited. It has to...

Your Website as a Platform for Growth

When you have a successful business, it strengthens the level of quality and services offered to your customers. At the end of the day, you don’t want expenses to outweigh the product/service price, creating a loss, and ultimately impacting your business. Happy...

Turn A Visit Into A Stay | On-Page Website Strategy

We are all familiar with the expression, “First impressions Matter,” and do they ever! In today’s digital world, you have a few seconds to accomplish just that. Most companies that invest in their digital assets, benefit from ranking their properties in the SERP’s...

Optimal Web Design for High Converting Sites

What makes a website great? More importantly, how can a website be designed to work for you vs. collecting “virtual” dust? Most business owners are focused on running the day-to-day operation of their company (as they should be), and rarely consider the effectiveness...

Mobile Responsive Websites Now in Play

It’s official, Google is now rolling out their new mobile-first index. In summary, Google will interpret mobile search queries based on the mobile version of your website. As more searches occur on mobile, Google wants the results to represent the majority of their...

Why Use Landing Pages as Part of Your Online Marketing?

Getting inbound traffic is the hard part, next is converting prospects into customers. Carefully crafted landing pages significantly increase the odds of conversions. Arguably, the most important benefit of a landing web page is to drive targeted leads.   Directing...

Is a Mobile Responsive Site Important?

A common question surrounding business owners today is, “how important is it…for my website to be mobile responsive?” Google made their official announcement back in 2015   “Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a...

Has the Mobile Web Already Taken Over?

Today more than ever, it has become clear that the future success for local advertisers is to adopt a mobile marketing campaign for their business. The shift in advertising has already moved to mobile, so the time to implement your strategy was yesterday! Not only it...

Do I Need a Website? Of-Course You Do, Here are 5 Reasons Why!

Over the past decade, the internet has evolved faster and superior to most advertising avenues. Even faster than Superman...after he found out...well...that he was Superman. We discuss the five reasons why we feel all businesses should have a web presence. Especially...


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