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Digital Marketing is about improving your internet properties to advance your reach. Most importantly, your business can leverage these marketing advantages to grow your target market online. We work with local businesses in Southfield by building an effective digital advertising campaign to market your online reach in Google, Bing, Yahoo and beyond. We implement a combination of effective digital marketing technologies including; the internet, social marketing, local SEO, website optimization (including mobile), display advertising, reputation management, content marketing, and more! It is our goal to work with our clients to generate their digital reach every month.

Effective digital marketing campaigns are much more than just a blog, or simply signing up with Facebook. It’s a art that combines multiple advantages to capture the ultimate results for our clients assets. Helping provide digital advertising advantages to clients throughout Michigan and near our surrounding communities is what we do.

Digital Marketing Advantages

The world of digital marketing can be complex, however, we will make sure your team is well educated and equipped to expand your virtual presence well in the the future. Let our experienced internet professionals help you today!

We will work with your team to build a solid online digital marketing plan. From social media, web presence, PPC, content marketing, and more  – we got you covered. Contact us today for your FREE consultation!

Social Media Marketing

Our professionals will help your team build your social accounts, then post quality content, keeping your profiles fresh and relevant.

Local Directory Listings

Digital business listing services, helping clients manage their local business directories online and more importantly get on the map.

Google Search Ranking

Being found online is more than half the battle! Let our SEO experts get your business on top the search engine results. Rank for multiple keywords in multiple cities!

Website Optimization

Website evaluation and best practices implementation to help your business rank online! Let’s find out whats working and where we can improve.

Reputation Marketing

We will help your organization implement a robust Reputation Management system, to constantly grow your reviews online.

PPC Ad Marketing

Lets set up your PPC campaign and help you optimize for best results. Detailed campaign performance and tracking strategies included.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing Throughout Southfield

There are many key objectives to engage digital advertising clients to ignite interaction with your corporate identity via the efficient publication of your digital properties.

Digital communication affords effortless access to information, quickly and safely – at an affordable cost. Clients that have access to your digital mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, Email, are prime for receiving timely information – including offers and conversion strategies. At the end of the day, our digital world creates multi-channels for information to be exchanged globally!

Our team is readily available communicate with our clients to help achieve strategic digital marketing goals. Working closely with our clients, we implement effective online campaigns specific to our clients objectives. Our goals are vast, and include increasing brand awareness and new business opportunities. We understand the importance of internet prominence in Southfield, and ensure that we complement our clients company vision.

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Webfox Marketing LLC

"I recommend you contact George!"

"I had a website that existed, but did not produce new clients. George re-designed both my website and my total web presence. My web presence now produces new client phone calls to my office on a consistant basis."

Rating by Dr. Hechtman:
5.0 stars

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Social Media Marketing – Creating Buzz to Rocket Your Exposure in Southfield & Beyond

All effective digital media strategies include content marketing at its core as the ultimate tool to grow your network. Creating quality articles that are published throughout your social media networks is a critical effective digital advertising advantage.

At Webfox Marketing, we recognize the importance of quality content. That is why a robust content marketing strategy is part of every campaign! We can help to social accounts and syndicate targeted content to your audience. The ultimate goal is to drive more traffic to your web properties and build your brand.

Our digital marketing experts can help craft an effective social media network to drive more conversations. We offer a personalized approach to digital marketing and will be happy to meet with you.


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Digital Marketing Company and Website desginers in Southfield Mi

Our Customers Digital Campaign Includes Ranking in Google!

An often overlooked component of an effective internet marketing strategy is creating a broad audience to market products and services. When potential prospects are searching for the products and services you sell, you most definitely want to “show-up.” Our team is always available to collaborate with our clients to help achieve strategic search engine optimization goals, tied to their digital campaign. Properly optimizing your landing pages are just the beginning. Ongoing SEO efforts are required for effective link building efforts. We will identify new opportunities for digital growth including the expansion of landing pages to maximize their reach online. Our agency is a full-service digital marketing company, and can combine effective strategies to bolster the effectiveness of your internet marketing. These include; organic search ranking, on-page and off-page SEO techniques, publish and correct local business listings.

Reputation Marketing by Expanding Your Digital Strategy to Increase Positive Reviews Online

Let’s Gather 5-Star reviews from your clients through our intuitive reputation management software platform. Our reputation management services can help you improve online reviews. Using cutting-edge technology to capture online reviews, your clients can receive a text message to leave a review. Additional customer testimonial strategies include email campaigns and more! Let’s start building a positive reputation today.

Our review technology affords turn-key reputation management. Not only will our company help you build your 5-Star reviews online, we will assist you market positive reviews across your social media networks and on your website!

5-star-review-onlineby Lori Beyer

George created a brand new website for the Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. He was fantastic to work with... more

5-star-review-onlineby George P.

I cannot recommend George and his team enough. I was paying a lot of money for mediocre results. George walked me... more

5-star-review-onlineby Dr. Hechtman

"I had a website that existed, but did not produce new clients. George re-designed both my website and my total web presence... more

Southfield MI Digital Marketing Agency

Premier Web Developers Southfield – Designing Sites for Digital Marketing Campaigns!

Let our website programmers build your mobile responsive site. We offer business owners in Southfield Michigan, the affordable technology in web design for your digital ad strategy, and are always looking forward to work with companies to implement cost effective highly converting web sites. Our focus is to assist your business clearly convey your message to your target audience. Let’s create something great together and make it work for you. Our knowledge ensures you will have an effective site that will exceed your goals and more importantly deliver quality results for your business.

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