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Let our SEO specialists build your mobile responsive website. We are Located near Pontiac Michigan, and offer the best technology in SEO, and are always enthused to work with companies to build cost effective highly converting websites. No matter what type of business or services you provide, we can help!

Affordable Websites

Get the perfect website today, and start ranking. We work with local businesses to tell their story. Carefully designed to ensure the highest opportunity for conversions, you will impress your customers!

SEO Integration

From the start, our premium websites are ready to rank in the SERP’s. Our web sites are SEO (search engine optimized) to help new customers find your business in Google, as well as many other directories.

FREE Reviews Software

Start building 5-star testimonials with text messages. We offer the most effective technology in building testimonials! We have multiple options and effective campaigns to assist in bolstering your reviews online.

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SEO Integration

All our sites include search engine optimization. We craft web sites with our clients customer in mind. Our success depends on your customers finding your services, therefore, we make sure your business shows up in search results!

Managed Website

All websites are managed by our US based, website developers. From important WordPress updates, security, daily backups, and more! Need some changes, not a problem, our developers make reasonable changes FREE of charge!

responsive design

Our websites are crafted using the latest technology in responsive web architecture, with the end user in mind. Most importantly our sites are fully responsive to work on any device. From mobile, tablet, to desktop – your website will shine!

Client Provided Login

Log into your site and make changes, update your blog, and more. You will catch the attention of new clients when they visit your website. Choose from millions of stock images or use your own.

Social Media Marketing

Grow your virtual presence by delivering quality content. Link your blog to your social accounts! Social media blogging is a perfect way to spread the word. Need help with social media? No problem, our experienced team will help.

Blog integration & SYnc

All sites include blog integration, this gives you full control. When you publish your blog, we will sync it with your social accounts! Do you have questions about blog syndication, we can help?

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Custom Websites Designs for Any Business!
Why choose our web design agency located near Pontiac Michigan? We help our valued clients manage their site. We recognize you are busy growing your business. Our experts will make reasonable changes/updates to your website at no charge. Call us today and find out more about how we can help your business.

Your Ideas

As part of your campaign, you have the choice to use our copy or your own words to ultimately describe your product or service.

Edit Your Site

All web sites include a customer log in. Make changes, update content on the go, etc. And of-course, we will make reasonable changes free of charge.
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Search Engine Optimized!
We understand the importance of SEO. When we deliver your website, rest assured, your investment will work for you on day one! Our websites are SEO (search engine optimized), and ready to rank in search results, as well as many other important directory sites.
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Most websites can be up live and running within four weeks. Upon confirmation of your purchase, you will be assigned a success manager to work with you from day one.


Yes, absolutely, all sites are optimized for local search. Not only will your site be found online, we will help you keep it ranking.


Yes absolutely. We also offer free domains with every subscription.


Yes, you will have access to the blog module. We also offer free service to sync your blog post to your social media accounts inlcuding; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google.


All clients are given a login and can make changes to your site! Also, as a managed solution, we will help with minor changes to your site free of charge.


Yes, we use for stock images. Feel free to browse their selection of over 60 million images, for use on your new site! Some restrictions apply.


Our sites are hosted on the most robust and secure servers in the industry. 24/7 monitoring, daily backups, and SSL Certificates are included in every plan.


We so certain that you will be completely satisfied with our services, we offer a no questions asked cancellation policy. There are no long-term commitments, no hidden fees.


In today’s digital world, we have data at our will. Whether we use a laptop, tablet, desktop, or smart phone, we are able search anytime and any where. Web sites can appear on any of these platforms, but may not be easy to view and surf equally. That is unless it involves a responsive website structure. Effective website layout is critical to improving the visitor experience!

Utilizing responsive web design provides an optimal screen size and interactive experience. Mobile friendly devices can render typical web sites, but the text can be difficult to read and harder to navigate. Responsive layouts enhances this. Actually, it provides a customized viewing experience for various browsing platforms. The goal of this type of design is to build web pages that detect each visitor’s screen size, orientation, and change the layout accordingly. The web designers at Web Fox Marketing are skilled in delivering high quality sites that render perfectly on any device.>/p>

Not only does responsive design improve efficiency for multiple devices, it impacts speed with better page load times for mobile devices. And this certainly improves the potential for SEO with favorable rankings! If you have any questions regarding responsive web design, please contact us.

Nowadays more than before, it is clear that success for local advertisers is to embrace a mobile advertising strategy for their business. The shift in advertising has already moved to mobile, so the time to start your strategy was yesterday! Not only is it smart to design your website for mobile devices, but it’s also important is to embrace mobile friendly web design to your advantage.


The use of mobile phones is on the rise. As an entrepreneur, you must be accessible to a world of potential customers, regardless of their device. Once anyone lands on your web sites, you want it to be a positive experience. This will happen if you create a desirable color scheme, have engaging images, utilize space effectively, and deliver desirable content. It is important that all of this is quickly navigated from start to finish during their visit. It is also smart for your site adapts for the user. Their journey may have started at home on their desktop. Then, that journey may be continued from their phone; whether it’s vertical or horizontal. If you are utilizing responsive site design, the entire experience will be a good one.

Next time you are out and about, take a minute to look around, the number of people are searching their cellular phone ... it's extraordinary! We use our mobile devices for almost whatever we can control with a "tap."

Google and Facebook have been moving more of their profit strategies to mobile.

Mobile marketing is way more than a fad, it is the most crucial factor in how consumers prefer to do business. When discussing mobile, one of the most basic starting point needs to be your web site layout. Is it mobile responsive? If not, it must be. Responsive web designs are exceptionally effective in catching the attention of potential customers. Its all about user experience. Your site needs to render fast, buttons need to be big enough to click, and need to be easy to browse.

Tips to think about Before Choosing a Website Agency

Website design is now increasingly simpler for anyone to create with software like WordPress. One reason is that many of these programs offer ready-made templates. To make these tools available to the average user, themes limit the means to establish a custom user experience, and add enhanced functions many companies require. If you want a greater degree of customization compared to your standard design template, you may consider seeking an experienced web designer. Ultimately your site is surely an extension of your brand name and investing in an optimized website ought to be a top priority. Here are a few signs that it’s time to retain a pro:

You need a strategy
When you require a web site to build a brandname and acquire business, strategy will become important. Today much more than ever before, your website is usually the only representation individuals see associated with your company. Normally, the competition provides professionally designed websites based on effective strategy. Attaining and preserving your share of the market will depend on your website’s ability to entice traffic/leads then convert to business.

Many business owners aren’t marketers. They prosper whenever they center on their primary skills, versus wasting precious time scrambling through tasks that don’t match his or her skill set. Whenever this applies to creating a website campaign, an experienced website designer is vital.

Effective UX must have excellent outcomes on site visitors.
Visitors have the tendency to consider websites that are well organized and are hesitant of ones which are not. Working with a professional web agency helps avoid common design pitfalls that can confuse visitors. The web is loaded with a huge amount of information that web surfers only have a brief time to spend on a website. They need to move fast, and a well-designed website permits effortless navigation and instills the trust that encourages users to spend their time on the web page.

Successful designers choose a primary strategy, design, and conversion methods accordingly. They develop page elements which help generate leads, including calls to action and opt-in forms. Most importantly, they create an impression that stays with prospects and persuades them to share your information with other people.

Need Help Choosing The Right Website For Your Business? Call Today, We Offer Free Consultations!

Keep in Mind These Tips for Highly Converting Websites
The best converting websites do a an incredible job in delivering the value proposition. Site viewers require to understand specifically what to do from the moment landing on to your site. Even more important, they will additionally identify the benefits. Whenever crafting landing content, developers must regularly consider the motives for why prospects should get your products or solutions. Will you be providing no-cost delivery, is there an appealing bargain, no matter what the angle, make certain it is engaging.

There are lots of essential features in many highly converting websites, they include:

• Exclusive offers near the top of the web page.
• Have an irresistible headline.
• Identifying just what your site visitors browsing for.
• Client reviews from customers who have utilized the product or service.

High converting pages start with an attention grabbing heading.

In the absolute least, it should encourage your guest to stick around and find out more with regards to your offer. Begin with explaining to the guest just what your products are about. Ensure it’s precise as well as to your point. Make an effort to keep it fewer than twenty words, even less is certainly better. Keep in mind, your guest can “click” away at any time. It is fairy well known that the title is often the difference in a bounce or a conversion. First impressions are generally critical not just with conversions but additionally with your web site. It is a excellent strategy to include in your head line the primary reason and advantages to sign up or acquire your product.

The greatest converting web sites usually posses numerous of the same features.

Don’t forget the purpose of effective web pages must be to increase conversions that assist corporate goals. Website pages (also known as squeeze pages, splash pages, lead capture pages) are commonly the business home page. It is a good idea to split test various versions to identify essential clues for optimization. Developers should constantly develop content with conversion in mind. Simple integrations such as opt in forms, phone numbers, and deals need to be standard. That is why sites generally are crafted to focus on certain keyword phrases.

High converting sites ought to focus on a particular product or service.

Furthermore, along with some fundamental conversion tracking you will have the potential to monitor the results. Possibly, the most crucial design approach is an excellent CTA. Prior to integrating your call-to-action in your lead capture page, you might want to figure out your objective. A few ideas to bear in mind include: identify just how your offer will address a problem or perhaps make somebody’s life more convenient.

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