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Every search query begins with words. They have to do with what the user wishes to learn, locate, or purchase. The keywords or phrases spoken or typed guide the search engine to find what the user yearns for. That’s the goal.

As a business owner, your goal is to show up on those searches that show interest in what you’re all about. You want to rank high since those are the ones most often clicked and pursued. Your words matter. Google has hundreds of potential search engines ranking factors. Some of them are secret. It’s important to utilize unique words in a variety of ways that are relevant to the topic at hand. They can be singular, plural, abbreviated, synonyms, and antonyms. These are considered as keyword variants and promote relevancy and quality with content. They impact ranking positively and can boost visibility.

Search engines rate and rank pages based on quality and reputation of its website.

It does this also with the individual pages as well. Keywords are used in information retrieval or text mining to determine how important a term is to a document. They may be used by search engines to quantify relevance of pages’ content to the user’s search query.

Can keywords be overdone? How often they are used is referred to as keyword density. There are differing schools of thought on this. Some feel that one keyword per 200 words is right on track. Too much of anything isn’t good. Overusing specific words is regarded as keyword stuffing and the tone on the content becomes artificial. It can seem like a robotic copy. Word use should be able to fluctuate though depending on the type of genre being written. Technical writing may utilize certain words less often. Others may find variants enhance the content.

The bottom line is quality! That includes writing, proper page structure and decent link building. It’s always good to concentrate on any writing to have a natural feel to it. Google is interested in user satisfaction signals, expertise of writing, and that in the end, users like it.

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Our website development agency is located near Southfield Michigan, and we are more than glad to assist you with any questions you may have, thank you for clicking! On a final note, as you would expect, Google has incredible resources talking about local SEO tips. Here is a great video produced by Google, check it out here: How often does Google re-index websites?