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The word “traffic” can generate so many different reactions, usually negative. That is when we’re stuck in it as we drive from one place to another. It’s challenging to navigate as a pedestrian or cyclist. Yet, in another aspect, it is a powerful, important and necessary concept. It can make or break a business! Website traffic that is! If your traffic dwindles, so does your business. To have a company that will continue being successful and grow, you need customers. That evolves through the traffic that visits your website. Visitors are potential consumers for what you have to offer.

Consumers have so many avenues to travel as they investigate and search for what they need and what interests them. How do you gain attention and guide those potential buyers to you? Before that, how well do you know the visitors with your flow of traffic that you currently have? It really matters!

Monitoring and evaluating data from your visitors can help you know whether your SEO strategy is working.

There are some questions to focus on. Are they going to the pages you want them to? Do they visit your site in the order you would prefer? Are they spending a considerable amount of time there or are some dropping off? Knowing these answers can guide you toward necessary improvements to your website. You want to hold their attention. Your content needs to be able to keep people on your site. The more they are there, the more they will remember you. They are then more apt to return. Those that return are more likely to become customers, your customers.

In order to attract more traffic to your website it is important to know how people are finding it. There are numerous paths to follow: organic searches, referrals from social networks, direct hits or paid ads. It is also helpful to know key word terms that people use with their searches. Assessing how your website is designed, located, and viewed can generate improvements that can make a big difference. Knowledge is a powerful thing!

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