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Google takes into consideration so many aspects when it comes to users and their experiences. Whenever you have a search query, you want something. The goal for the search engine is ideally to find just what it is you need to know, find it, and not have you need to return to the other search results.

So how does Google rank search results?

There are hundreds of ranking factors and nobody knows exactly. However, utilizing best practices and providing quality content is the key to ranking high in the search results page. At the end of the day, readers want to find answers to their questions. By providing the most relevant and useful information, you are sure to top the search results page.

Google knows whether you clicked specific results more than others. It knows if you stayed on a website for a few minutes and then clicked back to the search results. It knows all about your length of stay on a site. This last one seems to indicate that you met your goal especially if you didn’t return to any other sites listed because you no longer needed to.

Length of stay on site is an important one. Lingering longer must be due to the interest found there. Embedding videos, posting images, providing downloadable content, help to keep people on sites longer. This results in a better user metric score with Google and it helps with ranking higher. You can utilize YouTube videos that emphasize your content, your message and it reinforces time on site.

Since 2015, Google has a new member on its team, RankBrain. It is only one of hundreds of signals going into the core of algorithms that determine what results appear on search pages and where they’re ranked. It’s quite a mighty one though. It’s machine learning and artificial intelligence and is the third most important ingredient.

RankBrain is a query interpretation model. In addition to words, it utilizes a variety of aspects of which no one is exactly sure of. One thing that is clear, it is always being improved on. It analyzes past queries, rankings, makes connections and re-ranks based on query similarities. It figures out the intent behind any query and makes the ranking signals to the results appropriate to the search. This is especially true with long tailed ones.

Maintaining a human approach is still the best thing to focus on. You can’t really optimize for RankBrain. Relevance rules. Some of the basics hold true. Always deliver content that is easy to understand, formatted well for all devices. Provide answers and solutions to your target audience and emphasize integrity while providing a quality experience.

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On a final note, as you would expect, Google has incredible resources talking about SEO, and how to build your online marketing strategy. Here is a great video produced by Google, check it out here: How Search Works.