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Content marketing isn’t for every audience. It’s for a specific one, that you can enhance and impact the most. In order to provide effectively for this group, it is important to know the persona of your audience and their buying habits. This can impact the type of content you provide as well as the tone and style you deliver it in. The topics should also be ones that will continually help your business to grow. You inform regarding the present and the future.

Consider the buyer’s journey. In regards to buyer profile, who are your ideal customers. Keep in mind demographics. Develop buyer insight, psychographic details as to the why and how they make their purchasing decisions. Also, why they may have decided not to buy. That is important to learn and utilize in order to grow from.

One way to really know what others think is to come out and ask. Interview those that you have interacted with, that have made decisions in your favor and those that didn’t. Provide an incentive for giving a few minutes of their time, a type of reward showing gratitude in obtaining information to better know your customers and their thinking. Questions of value involve what triggered their decision to search which linked them to you. Guide thinking about their expected results. Inquiry about any concerns that prevented them from choosing a different solution. The top three to five factors that they use to make any comparisons before making decisions is valuable information. It’s good to know if their decision was made independently or involved others, were there other influences guiding their thoughts. Overall, knowing the process for their decision making.

Working from within and looking outward, it can be beneficial to strive to think like the customer within each of the areas above. Analyze both sets of information, looking for similarities. If you can obtain keen insights they can generate positive path to pursue. Knowledge of the mind of your customers at each stage of decision making can influence the content you provide. In time, this can help them toward conversions.

Content is your gateway to growth

The idea behind content curation is sorting through large amounts of content. You discover, gather and then present this material in a meaningful, organized way. The focus is on non-competitive content that already exists and stands out to your advantage. It is time consuming to develop new material. Here, you find what already exists that would benefit your audience and be true to your brand. You legally use the work of others, compiling them, and it can benefit your business. This can help make connections with leaders in the industry. It can also spark conversations on social media.

Content that is searched is quality and attention grabbing. It’s popular with good authority, offers something unique and will be useful. You want sources that are trustworthy and reputable. Perusing and analyzing discoveries, you always want to know the reason behind anything you share. Know your intent and always remain true to your brand.

It’s always important to be aware of the trends, what’s working and what isn’t. How you share on social media is important. You want to make it appealing for your audience. It needs to reflect value you want to bring to customers. There are a number of ways to go about this. Introductions to content are powerful. Here you can bring a part of yourself into something that others might be interested in. There can be a commentary on the material. You can emphasize the valuable points that are embedded in it. Perhaps different perspectives are presented to kick it off. Credit is always given to all of the creators of the content. These individuals that contributed to this sharing opportunity will most certainly want to share it with others themselves. It automatically generates word-of-mouth among the authors and readers. Overall, you are seen as a thought leader with the sharing of your posts. It highlights latest trends and shows your own engagement in continued learning.

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