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Most businesses view search engine optimization (SEO) as a critical component to marketing success, and recognize it is vital to gaining recognition on the web. However, too many fail to realize the importance of blogging.

Blogging works in tandem with SEO to enhance your search engine rankings. It is the perfect format for relevant, information rich content that today’s sophisticated search engines probe the Internet in search of. Blogs also provide an opportunity to establish thought leadership, build you brand and educate your base.

Blogging does take time and commitment. Your blog cannot gain wide popularity overnight. For the best results, blogs need weekly entries.

The effort is worthwhile. Blogs provide the highest return on investment of any online marketing method. They are successful in large part because, when distributed around your social media network, they result in inbound links. In addition, quality blogs are recognized by search engines, giving you an edge in rankings.

Here are the top ten reasons businesses need blogs:

1. Visitors who link to your blog generate inbound links to your website. When your site increases the number of inbound links, the search engines recognize that you are generating more traffic, which corresponds to websites that are high quality and authoritative, resulting in the ranking boost.

2. Search engines register the appearance of a blog as a change to your website, which triggers the “spiders” to review the site again. Each time they review new material, search engines find new indicators of relevance, quality and authority. By blogging weekly, you continuously bring new material to the attention of search engines, resulting in a steady enhancement in search rankings.

3. Blog links are a natural for social media sharing. With an interesting title and engaging material, you are bound to gain many inbound links while also enhancing your social media standing. To create even more changes to your website, connect social media streams to your site.

4. Blogging does not need to be a laborious task. Writing an authoritative blog is far from composing a novel. In a thousand words or less, you can get your message across and overtime be seen as an authority in your field! Also, not all blog posts require writing an article. Virtually anything can be posted to a blog, such as podcasts, videos, photos, presentations, eBooks and even press releases. To maximize your blog’s reach and effectiveness, be sure to post any social media content you produce, such as graphics or videos created for Flickr, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest.

5. Blogs create chronicles, which show the history and development of your business. Ideally, start blogging prior to launching a company, which allows you to display your company’s journey from inception to present day. Telling your business’s story builds credibility and shows stability.

6. Blogging gains exposure for your domain. The more you use your site to blog, the more visitors will be drawn to your site.

7. Blogs provide a ready method of sharing expertise and thus building your reputation. Some of the best and most frequently published content are lists giving advice, tips and tricks. For example, a plumbing business may post blogs with tips on keeping pipes clear. This type of post is likely to be shared, and the plumbing company builds its brand.

8. Blogs also provide a great venue for distributing press releases. Press releases often get overlooked in their original format; when released as a blog, they often attract customers.

9. You can also re-purpose content by placing it in a blog post. White papers, case studies and other material can find a new audiences.

10. Through a blog, you can build a community. At the end of each post, you can request input from readers in the comments. This also serves as an invitation to join the community you are building. As more people sign up for emails and comment on your posts, you gain a steady flow of traffic and a community that supports your brand.

SEO is important, and you cannot optimize your site without fresh content posted regularly. A blog is the perfect vehicle. In addition to the SEO benefits, blogs provide an ideal platform for positive brand establishment. By creating a community through social media and blogging, your company will be seen as a trusted leader. In turn, more visitors will browse your site, and that brings new business in the door.

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