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Content marketing encompasses several online strategies that involve the creation and distribution of material to bolster a business’s brand. Ideally content created should match the businesses core values and message. A sound content strategy can deliver quality information to potential clients, fast. The goal is to publish desirable information that fulfills the reader’s inquiry. Effective content strategies can be published through multiple social channels. Marketers today use blogs, whitepapers, infographics, videos and more.

Content marketing is part of a more comprehensive internet advertising strategy.

Also known as “in-bound” marketing, any business can benefit from a content campaign and those that embrace such are certainly reaping the benefits. In addition to generating, publishing and distributing great articles to your audience, when originated from your website – SEO rankings should also improve.

Content marketing is also an incredible strategy to grow your list. The goal is to provide useful information to prospects, and more importantly promote products and/or services your offer. This digital strategy is much more efficient than traditional advertising, where ads are marketed to individuals via billboard/banner advertisements. Content strategies are designed for prospects to take additional steps that include further research and online inquiry. Your content should include relevant data by providing valuable information which can entice prospects to click through to the landing page or website. Information must add value so that your audience can engage with the products and services offered. Contrary to traditional advertising, content should educate your prospect with actionable information.

As you may have guessed, there are several tools at your disposal. Each has its purpose and strategy. Most importantly marketers must match their strategy to the correct social platform. Below are a few effective strategies utilized in today’s digital marketing campaign.

Whitepapers are great for technical reports, guides, how to’s, tips, etc., that utilizes research to educate your reader. It is intended to be a summary (or detailed) document for learning more about the topic at hand. Whitepapers most definitely differ in substance, length, and imagination. This information assists your prospects or customers, when considering purchasing your product or service. Whitepapers are often viewed as credible, and when done right can be an incredible asset in your content strategy.

Infographics are a “fun” way to get your message in front of your audience. They layout your information in a visual method, and typically incorporate images that are pertinent to your visitors. Not only are infographics effective, but they are perfect for promotional initiatives since they’re simple to comprehend. Further, your ad can be shared through your social network, especially social channels such as Instagram, and Pinterest as these are conducive to images.

Another favorite in the digital world are E-books. These are electronic (digital) books which include details about your product/service or educational topic. Businesses that utilize e-books as part of their content campaigns possess an advantage over others that do not. People crave information, especially useful information. Not all e-books are created equal. Make sure that your e-book actually contains information worthy of a download. This will ensure your content is shared and promoted throughout your social networks.

My personal favorite are Blogs. Blogs are the perfect content medium for many reasons. They are easy to assimilate, can include images, graphics, video and more! Blogs are basically posts about information related to your industry, products, services, or just educational information that surfers are inquiring about. A bonus for implementing blogs into your content strategy, is they are perfect for SEO and should include keywords related to your business. These keywords have the ability to rank in Google and other search engines. Also, like all forms of content marketing, blogs are perfect for social sharing throughout your networks.

In summary, content marketing is an important part of every online advertising campaign. By including this marketing vehicle, business owners can significantly increase their exposure online and ultimately generate more sales, and traffic to their web properties.

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