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What’s the big idea about responsive web design? Actually, it’s bigger you think! For starters, it is about the user experience. That’s everything! Any visitor is a potential customer. If one of them is satisfied, it influences others, sharing and advising with social media platforms. You want visitors to your website to have the best experience possible. In order for this to happen, the technology has to adapt to them and not the other way around.

When someone is browsing from their mobile phone, they don’t have a lot of screen space to work with. Phones tend to zoom out automatically to view the entire website on that screen. It can be frustrating when trying to find specific information by tapping into tiny portions on the upper side of the screen. It can be hard to maneuver and difficult to view. Obviously, optimizing the layout of the content can make the process more efficient and pleasant (e.g. responsive web development).

The content itself that is shown on the screen can be adapted for the user from the start. If a desktop is being browsed from, the user is most likely not in any hurry. The website can be explored thoroughly, as the user can navigate all that it has to offer. Typically, if you are browsing on your phone, you’re looking for something specific that you want then and there. Perhaps a location, a certain restaurant, services, etc.

Mobile responsive design takes care of the desired content based on the system you’re using at that moment. It automatically delivers the desired content in a user-friendly way.

Organizing your content with responsive design gives you the ability to adjust the layout of your content to fit the user in their environment. It is not just moving side bars under everything else. This type of design requires thinking as a user would. You think through the context that the user will interact with your content and adjust it to meet their needs. Thinking more about the mobile user will better prepare you for the future. Mobility and accessibility to information will only continue to grow. Grasping this awareness and acting upon it can help to rise above the competition.

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