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When we’re excited about a new project, new prospect, we might find ourselves, “biting off more than we can chew” as the saying goes. We might over find that we’ve over done it. Just because something is big and grandiose, doesn’t mean it’s packed with quality. Sometimes less is more. That is very true when comes to building a website for a new company. It doesn’t need to have an abundance of “cool” hover effects. It doesn’t need a ton of links, especially if they aren’t the very best. You might think they look impressive, but it really isn’t. Starting simply, focusing on what matters most, and in time, that can be expanded upon.

First of all, the architecture of the website is crucial. Your website needs to live up to the expectation that time matters. If customers need to wait an unreasonable amount of time, they move on. When it comes to loading your site, you have seconds to hold on to that viewer. Literally! You have about three seconds or you’ve lost them. With so many devices for people to work with, you need your site to be mobile responsive. Whether it’s a desk top, lap top, or smart phone, in addition to loading quickly, it must fit the device’s screen and navigate well.

Visual interest is just as important as quality writing. They both influence visitors. Whether it’s images or videos, they can impress and linger in the mind of the viewers. That means they’re thinking about you, your business, and that’s a good thing!

It helps if you know the audience you’re striving to attract. This means knowledge about what information is yearned for, the wants, needs, the solutions to problems-big and small. When someone visits your site, what drew them to it? What did they hope to come away with? It can be helpful to communicate with customers about these questions, along with a constructive critique of what you currently have up and running. This can impact the type of content you have available, enabling you to meet the needs of the public.

In business, you are always striving to build your base, generate leads for potential customers. Your website needs a visible call to action (CTA).

This enables customers to connect with you, perhaps receive incentives to make that purchase, or appointment. It is important to obtain contact information and be able to reach back with additional information, or additional incentives involving your business for potential customers. Enticements to return. Obtain those names, numbers, and emails.

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On a final note, as you would expect, Google has incredible resources highlighting SEO best practices. The following video produced by Google, listen here: How can small sites become popular?