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Once your website is up and running, you must remain diligent to keep it that way. The architecture of a site must include ways to keep up with this ever-changing digital world. There are a lot of moving parts that can break and cause your site to go down if you are not careful. It needs to include the ability and capacity to maintain upgrades as needed and ongoing maintenance. Software must always be up to date. It needs to have the latest WordPress core updates and related plugins. All along the way, it must continue to function smoothly. Over time, websites should be able to handle necessary changes and updates to any content. Preventative maintenance and daily backups are an important, cautionary step to secure all files and database.

Here at Webfox Marketing, our team watches out for you 24/7 and utilizes the highest standards available today, including up-time monitoring round the clock.

In this day and age, we need confidence in our website and client/customer connection. Website security monitoring is a smart way to go. This includes Malware scanning too. Should your site ever go down, we receive instant notification and take care of it. You can sleep easy, rest assured with online security. Any and all transactions are secure with strong encryption, protecting all collected data. And should it ever be necessary, our programmers are able to restore your site. Your business, our mutual goals include adaptability, flexibility, safety, security, and productivity.

When a website is designed well, it should elevate and expand your business. It should not only build your site, but maintain and promote it too. It must provide that positive, flowing navigational user experience necessary to guide toward quality content and queries for their searches. Through an intriguing presence and engaging set up, users will want to return, to linger, to trust, and to interact. Loyalty will evolve. Word of mouth will continue to promote you, your image, your brand, both in low and hi-tech ways. It should perform the way it was designed, true to its architecture for set up, but more importantly, for long term goals. In time, it should become financially rewarding.

Check out this great video from Google talking about keeping your blog safe:

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