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It is well known that Google controls the majority search queries and does a great job in delivering solid search results. To increase your chance of showing up, it’s important to have a secure website. An effective first step involves a switch from HTTP to HTTPS. You may have noticed that Google issues a warning message on web pages, that have not made this transition. This is certainly not the way to get anyone to linger longer, learn more about your business, and all it has to offer. Visitors are going to quickly exit, and most likely, never to return.

Changing your website to HTTPS is a technical process, and requires a few steps. In order to avoid problems, it also includes proper planning and implementation.

When HTTPS is secured through Transport Layer Security protocol, it offers three layers of protection. Encryption makes it so no one can track users’ activity across pages or steal information. Data integrity protects so that data can’t be modified or corrupted during transfer without being detected. Finally, authentication makes it clear that users are at the intended site. It’s also nice to know that ads cannot be injected on sites with HTTPS.

Problems can still occur and you could still be vulnerable to some attacks. Plugins, modules, and add-ons need to be updated. External scripts should support this transition as well. Most problems tend to involve improperly implemented redirects, which can involve home pages and sub-pages. These are just a few aspects regarding this transition and a knowledgeable webmaster, can pave a smooth road to travel.

Here is a great video by Google (notice the date is 2011!), talking about the importance of HTTPS;

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