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A website is a reflection of your business. And whether you manage your store’s digital marketing or want a stellar portfolio for your business WordPress is for you. As a hard-working business owner, you want that website to look and feel perfect. That’s where tools like WordPress come in.

So what are the benefits of using WordPress?

If you’re looking for a beautiful aesthetic with a user-friendly design flow but aren’t willing to spend thousands on a website developer, stay scrolling. WordPress is your one-stop-shop for creating a customized website that won’t break your bank.

Who is WordPress for?

WordPress is the #1 CMS (content management system) in the world and is popular among big brands, small businesses, and even college students creating e-portfolios for class. In fact, it was reported that 455 million websites were created using WordPress in 2020.

Why Use WordPress?

Simply Put…Ease Of Use

WordPress has an intuitive interface perfect for beginners and experts alike. Don’t stress if you’ve never coded, cropped, or posted. With built-in blogs and free tools and plug-ins, building a beautiful website will come naturally. Learn as you go and experiment with endless features.

Additionally, there are a ton of free and premium themes you can use with WordPress. Most of the newer themes are drag and drop, which is perfect for those starting out.

Web Design Features

In the same vein, with WordPress templates and other built-in tools, designing an aesthetically pleasing site that aligns with the theme of your business is simple. Choose from free and paid templates that automatically add a design scheme to each page. You can even sift through themes specifically created for sites within your industry. Tools like Divi from Elegantthemes is a great option for WordPress. Create complex page layouts by dragging and dropping buttons, links, documents, and social share buttons live with no CSS or code required.

Search Engine Optimization

Building a site is one thing. Generating traffic is another. Needless to say, SEO is extremely important when it comes to driving potential customers and clients to your site. Getting in the top of the search results page can be the difference between consistent client leads or “crickets.”

Because WordPress is designed to be search engine friendly, it gives developers the best chance to stands out in the search engine results page. To help provide clues to search bots, WordPress allows you to input meta tags, keywords, descriptions, and titles on every page. If your site is content-heavy and you’re serious about driving organic traffic, use plug-ins like Yoast. When you’re blogging or writing any content in WordPress, Yoast scores your site as you write, providing live recommendations for improving your SEO score.

Design Control

While design help is great, waiting for updates isn’t. Notice a typo on your home page? Perhaps the phone number or address is incorrect! Fix it instantly from the comfort of your own browser. You can also set up multiple users with admin access and have several creators accessing different levels of capabilities, a great option if you’re beginning to outsource.


Wherever there’s WiFi, there’s WordPress. Don’t rely on a single tablet that you may have left at home or in the office while on a business trip, vacation, or in the waiting room at a doctor’s office. Update your site on any device at any time. You can even make updates to your site on a mobile phone!


If you’re not a professional web developer, creating a website can feel daunting. WordPress keeps it simple. Work with ease, keep control, and drive traffic to your livelihood with free tools designed with your business in mind.

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