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As you may have guessed, the number of individuals who use the internet increases everyday. So how do you stand out? As a business, what sets you apart from other businesses to remain a fan favorite for new and existing users? The answer, digital marketing. Digital marketing is a method advertisers use to publish content through digital networks including social, web, search engines, video, email, and more! Today that means just about everything. Everything, can become a digital marketing strategy, the importance is to know which strategies are the most successful and when.

Responsive Web Design

Your site design/user experience (UX) means more than you think. In fact, it should be the first strategy among your digital marketing efforts. Responsive means both the way your web page adheres to a variety of devices, as well as the aesthetic, physical appearance and ease of use for users. If you want individuals to stay on your web page, buy your product, or enlist in your services, make sure your page fits any screen. There is nothing more difficult than viewing a web-sized page on a mobile sized screen. In addition, be sure that your web page is pleasing to the eye; users stay on an engaging page. Today’s trends encourage simple/ modern layouts, unique fonts, and artistic photos.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If web page design is the most important part of digital marketing, SEO is easily the second most important element. Most people know that Google uses complex algorithms to “crawl the web.” The best way to market your business is to ensure it shows up on Google. Although SEO can get quite technical, it can be thought of as the practice of making your web pages searchable. There are simple steps all webmasters can take to ensure such. Optimized images, relevant heading tags, meta descriptions, appropriate keywords, quality content, and security (https) – all required these days.

Content Marketing

There’s no doubt that content is king. Before you spend any time planning your digital marketing strategy, make sure that your content is worth something worth finding. Content that isn’t valuable, useful, or relevant won’t stick to users no matter how much you market, tweet, share, and post. When creating content, try to solve a problem and ensure its evergreen. This means your content won’t lose significant value over time, besides a few adjustments here and there. Content can be especially improved by blogs and influencers, which provide a personal touch that users can relate to.


Digital marketing is all about repetition; the more your content is in front of users, the more likely they are to respond. Webmasters can install tracking pixels/code to track visitors and reach out to those who didn’t engage in your product/ service the first time. It is also wise to create new ads on a consistent basis. It’s best to avoid running the same ads that your viewers have seen over and over. What may not have worked the first time, can attract a new followers with the right remarketing tactics. This indicates that digital marketing should be a constant part of your business; always changing and never ending.

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