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We’re in a time where traditional marketing efforts don’t do it anymore. Mailers, posters, and static tactics don’t reach people the way they do. The upcoming generation of consumers and Millennials, look to social media, influencers, and general internet marketing for their products and services more than commercials and ads in the newspaper. So, how do you take on this brave new world of marketing when you don’t know much about it?

Determining your goals, the right mediums for you, watching competition, and simply getting started is the best way to break into social media marketing if you don’t feel like you have a handle on it yet.  Don’t be nervous about social media marketing. We’ve got a guide to getting started in social media marketing.

Set Marketing Goals Before

Every good marketing strategy, regardless of medium, needs to be guided by goals. Before you even look at setting up accounts or following people, you need to set your goals so you know where you need to start. What do you want to get out of your social media efforts, what do you consider a conversion, where do you want to drive traffic, what age group are you targeting? All these questions need to be part of your plan before you start so you know how and where to start.

Find Your Social Marketing Channels

Not all social media is going to be right for your business or your product. While it’s helpful to have a footprint across platforms, your efforts should be put into specific channels that meet your goals. Which channels those are depends on who you’re targeting. The age ranges for Facebook tend to skew higher, even though it’s still the most widely used medium. Twitter and Instagram skew lower, hitting 18-29 year olds as their main demographic. Figure out who you want to reach and, from there, figure out which channel is best for you.

Monitor Your Campaign Results

You can just throw a social media strategy at the wall and hope it works. As per your goals, you need to measure your results in a way that makes sense for you. Monitor your follower count, how successful your links have been, and how many people have found your website through your social media platforms. Based on the results, adjust your tactics.

How Is Social Media Marketing Different From Traditional Marketing?

Apart from the medium itself, social media marketing focuses on content as opposed to ads. While ads and sponsored content are still very much apart of the SMM landscape, the main draw of social media marketing is the creation and sharing of beneficial and entertaining content for your audience. Through this, you create a relationship and trust with your audience.

What Less Commonly Known Social Media Channels Should I Also Look Into?

Besides the big ones, there’s plenty of smaller social media channels that are great for niche markets. Some less commonly utilized platforms include LinkedIn, and Medium. You can also leverage things like YouTube and Tumblr, depending on your market.

Social media is an open and entirely scalable landscape for marketers. In order to get started you need only do some research and pay attention to the world around you.

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