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In today’s ever changing digital world, there are some oldies that are still relevant today. When focusing on content marketing, it all begins with an idea.

The first step for developing content is research and idea generation. It’s important to know your industry, what’s been done before, was it effective, or not. This knowledge can enable your idea to be more successful. This awareness can be an inspiration by putting a your own spin on it. Ideas don’t necessarily have to 100% original. However, they should be developed in your own style, with your key details that reflect your business and what you offer.

Good writing, for our social media network, has solid elements no matter the genre, no matter the platform.

The beginning of any written piece is often referred to as the lead. It needs to be an attention grabber, a hook, making you want to read further. This is true for content marketing, social media marketing, and beyond. The data needs to be interesting and the first few lines can make you want to linger longer. In addition to this, it needs to be attractive, grabbing your attention visually.

The context of the content is designed to generate links, social shares, and drive traffic. Although there are no guarantees, it increases the possibility for success. Content that is interesting from the first words and maintains that level of intrigue, coupled with being visually stunning has the potential for being picked up by mainstream news, websites, and publishers. It could be enough to generate links and shares. In time, it has the potential to influence viewers to become buyers, or clients.

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