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Lead Generation Services Helping Clients in Bloomfield Grow Online

At Webfox Marketing, we partner with our clients to maximize campaigns that will generate qualified online leads. We utilize the most effective channels available to maximize Return on Investment, by leveraging vast online digital strategies that increase and visibility throughout your local market.

Let’s drive traffic to your website, by ranking highly in local search results for targeted key terms. Our lead generation strategies have proven effective in achieving desirable rankings in Bloomfield MI and beyond. Our lead generation consultants work with our clients to grow tremendous opportunities to hold top positions in Google search results. By focusing on searchers that are seeking your products or services, we are able to achieve a consistent flow of new prospects through organic search and paid search results.

Our lead generation campaign encompasses your entire online and offline company brand. Our agency will take the time to customize a plan that integrates numerous strategies and channels, to help you get where you need to be! That’s why we’ve integrated the best search engine marketing practices into all of our services. Our primary focus is to grow both your website rankings and conversions.


Lead Generation Marketing Advantages

We employ numerous online lead generation strategies.  Having the advantage of being a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, we are able to leverage the marketing channels that matter most!  Let our experienced online marketing professionals help you today!

Local Directory Listings

Digital business listing services, helping clients manage their local business directories online and more importantly increase leads online. Consistent listings are looked favorably by search engines.

Get Your Phone Ringing

By integrating organic prominence and paid advertising, your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Campaign, will out-perform your competitors! From day-one, our focus is to get your phone to ring!

Google Search Ranking

Being found online is more than half the battle! Let our Lead Generation experts get your business on top the search engine results. Using proven SEO techniques you will tower over your competitors.

Show Up in Multiple Cities

Rank for multiple keywords in multiple cities! We optimize your lead generation campaign so that your business shows up where ever prospects are searching.

PPC Management

Let’s set up your PPC campaign and help you optimize for best results. Detailed campaign performance and tracking strategies included. Compelling ad copy, bid strategies, relevant keywords, and more!

Market Your Reviews

We will help your organization implement a robust system to gather reviews online. Increase your click-through-rate and conversions, by showing up with 5-star reviews!

Bloomfield MI Lead Generation Services

How Can Lead Generation Help My Bloomfield MI Business?

Lead generation describes the progression of simulating interest in a product or service, that provides the advantage to grow a sales funnel and ultimately increase revenues.

Today, more than ever, businesses must find new channels to be found in the search engine results page (SERP’s). Traditional advertising such as mailings, email blasts, billboards, etc., can work, however, integrating a lead generation plan is paramount to a company’s future success online.

In many cases, buyers engage in their own research on the internet, when attempting to qualify companies for which they wish to do business. Online search is the primary method for finding a business, as there is an abundance of helpful information which can educate ready buyers. A lead generation strategy is critical to help instill trust and earn the attention of your prospective customers in Bloomfield and nearby cities.

Let’s develop a consistent company image across all your web properties. Clearly demonstrate to your potential customers your offer, and what problems you solve. We work with our clients to generate quality leads, and enhance opportunities to grow online!

Business Lead Generation Services

Your website is the most prominent channel to attract and engage new business leads, when looking for local customers in Bloomfield or attempting to attract business from neighboring cities. When working with our lead generation agency, you are ensured to shine online. A responsive website is critical for any business looking to increase sales leads online.

It is well known that most consumers view a website first before making a purchase decision. It has never been more important to provide engaging content throughout your site. Don’t be misled by believing a “cool-looking” site is all that is required. This is where our lead generation experts at our marketing agency excel. We specialize in designing highly optimized landing pages and clear CTA’s (call to actions) that work.

Your success is our passion, we focus on constantly improving the results of your campaign to ensure the highest conversions possible. Our knowledgeable web designers take your site to an entire new level, we optimize your brand for search ranking! After all, what good is a nice-looking website, if nobody can find it online.

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"George over at Web Fox Marketing helped us out with our online marketing strategy. His local knowledge in Google and Bing ranking in search is invaluable, for putting your business on the map. I would highly recommend any startup or existing business to get a hold of George over at Webfox."

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When Potential Customers Are Searching For Your Services in Bloomfield MI or Surrounding Cities, Do You Show Up?

Our experienced marketing professionals will place your local business on the map, for multiple keywords in multiple cities! If you service several miles surrounding your local business, rest assured, our developers will ensure that you are found online.

There are hundreds of prospects searching for your services everyday, in cities nearby. Not only will our lead generation experts market your business online, but we will ensure to catapult your online ranking with compelling ads and market reach.

All our new prospect marketing campaigns start with a thorough understanding of our client’s business, including the cities they serve. Making sure your business is high in Google Search in Bloomfield and your local community is important. However, success is dependent on branching out past the city you operate – into surrounding cities, counties, and communities.

Lead Generation for businesses near Bloomfield Michigan

Paid search marketing to generate leads in Your Local Community

Working with advantages offered by Adwords and Bing, our lead generation company is able to promote your local business to strategic markets, delivering the best results, that match your Return on Investment objectives. The lead generation professionals are Google and Bing certified and are ready to effectively setup up your Adwords marketing campaign. We leverage the tools offered by Google and Bing to ensure geo-targeted traffic to your business in Bloomfield or targeted cities, limiting wasted clicks, and extend the highest conversions.

Lead generation is what we do! Let our agency continuously monitor and expand your online marketing strategy for the best return on ad spend. Our marketing professionals are able to complement your organic search ranking with paid advertising. This technique is often a great way to jump-start new lead generation campaigns, and create positive results that will improve over time.

5-star-review-onlineby Stacie Z.
George from Web Fox Marketing helped me out immensely with website, google and overall marketing knowledge... more
5-star-review-onlineby George P.
I cannot recommend George and his team enough. I was paying a lot of money for mediocre results. George walked me... more
5-star-review-onlineby Dr. Hechtman
"I had a website that existed, but did not produce new clients. George re-designed both my website and my total web presence... more

Optional Sales Call Tracking

We understand our client busy running their business. That is why we offer smart call tracking and lead generation metrics. Let our knowledgeable team help manage your inbound new sales inquiries. Our call center can manage your incoming calls, send an email confirmation and even “hot-transfer” live calls. Obtain clear ROI reporting, without complicated integrations.

Our lead generation and call tracking services will monitor your leads for you. You will know who called and the reason for the call. Remove the guesswork out of your advertising dollars. All calls are identified and recorded, listen at any time or simply use for training.

Google Adwords and Bing Ads to increase new prospect leads

There are a couple of important factors concerning each lead generation system; inbound and outbound. Let’s talk about the reason why every single business need to have a lead generation plan!

Lead Generation Using Inbound Advertising

Converting a stranger into a customer. That’s the goal for lead generation. You’re the one which initiates nearly all the contacts with outbound advertising. From the moment it concerns the inbound strategy, you devote quality content on the internet and wait for the general public to then originate the connection with you. It is precisely about finding unique methods you can attract people toward ones business. It is concerning businesses being found.

Lead Generation Through An Outbound Channel

If you wish to grow a business, you require new customers. Exactly how are you able to go about accomplishing that? That’s precisely what lead generation really is all about. There is quite a strategy from understanding nothing at all about a business to ultimately becoming a marketer of it. This starts with people becoming visitors in which turn into leads. If it all evolves effectively, many leads become into customers. Pleased and satisfied clients wish to spread your message and become a part of referral advertising. Through their chats with others, whether that is in person, or on social media, they grow to be promoters. Due to their connection, trust, and loyalty they strongly recommend the business or services and in most cases provide client reviews.

We Provide Lead Generation Services for Many Industries including:


Dental Leads


Divorce Attorney Leads


Chiropractor Leads


Landscaping Leads


Paving Leads


Roofing Leads


Personal Injury Leads


Bankruptcy Attorney Leads


HVAC Leads


Electrician Leads


Family Law Leads


Pest Control Leads


Solar Panels Leads


Contractor Leads


Countertop Store Leads


Auto Repair Leads


CoolSculpting Leads


Moving & Storage Leads


Plumbing Leads


Water Damage Leads



Content Strategy to Increase Leads

Creating engaging content and posting through your social networks, our lead generation company will promote your business as a leader in your related industry. We work with clients throughout Bloomfield to identify and deliver the right copy to the right channels. This will improve your online awareness and boost your credibility over your competitors. You can provide us with articles to syndicate to your networks, or we can create quality blog posts for delivery to your social accounts.

Marketing quality content has proven an effective means for promoting engaging topics, to prospective customers. Consistent exposure throughout your sales medium boosts your virtual footprint and improves your brand identity. We understand potential prospects searching for your expertise, are looking to find businesses that consistently produce quality content. That is why we integration a content strategy with every lead generation campaign for Bloomfield businesses and beyond!

Consistent exposure throughout your sales medium boosts your virtual footprint and strengthens your brand identity. We understand potential prospects searching for your products or services, want to find businesses that consistently produce relevant content. That is why we integration a content strategy with every lead generation campaign.

There are many important factors to consider when attempting to generate new business sales leads. However, the primary goal is to focus on quality over quantity! Our company has developed proven lead generation methods and systems that work. We work closely with our clients to match online lead strategies with sales and business objectives that are targeted to the right audience. The experienced web strategists at our marketing agency will ensure your message is clear and engaging.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how our lead generation services can benefit your organization.


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