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There are three types of searches: Do, Know, and Go. The first has to do with wanting something and it’s transactional. The second one is all about obtaining information. The last involves navigation, getting to the location. Whenever you conduct a search, the job of that search engine is to provide you with relevant results. Once you have those visible to you, the ones that rank first are the ones that are generally pursued first.

When it comes to searches and your business, you can only be considered by others if yours shows up for those queries. Two aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) are rankings, where your web page is placed within SERP; and visibility, how prominent your domain is in those results. The goal is to expand your company’s visibility within organic “free” search results. In turn, this helps the business rank more pages higher in SERPs. This drives more visitors to your website and then increases the chances for conversion. These visitors make those purchases, make those appointments, download your coupon, and call your business.

A search engine optimization strategy to impact rank involves the technical set up, content, and links.

The first two have much to do with increasing relevancy. That latter impacts authority and is responsible for popularity. Search engines can’t rank you if they can’t find you. Once you’re found, being seen differs greatly for humans and machines. People truly benefit and love graphics, but if text (or meta data) isn’t included then the engine gives no credit and it won’t have any benefit in rank because it doesn’t recognize images, colors, or videos. The technical set up has to take all of this into consideration.

With any search, it’s content that’s sought after. Whether it’s a blog, webpage, video, product, business listing, recommendation, it’s all types of content. The more you publish, the greater your chance for search visibility and higher ranking. SEO starts with discovering the phrases potential buyers enter into search engines. This boils down to keywords, relevancy, and that is key when it comes to organic ranking!

Links are connections with others and they matter. Backlinks reference your content on others’ websites. When other sites mention you and point readers in the direction of your content, you gain a backlink to your site. Quality and quantity matter. Whenever there is a connection with websites that are highly regarded, it reflects favorably and affects rank.

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On a final note, as you would expect, Google has great resources when talking about SEO. Here is a great video produced by Google, “How does Google Search work?” check it out here: Google SEO Tips – Creating an SEO strategy.