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If you’ve been in business at all in the last 15 years, you have certainly heard about SEO. You’ve experienced it and used it. But have you heard about local SEO? Search engine optimization is the process of utilizing keywords and search trends in conjunction with blog and article posts to boost page views and ultimately, conversions. This is mainly achieved by making sure content is found in searches. All businesses should target more organic reach, by way of keywords and on-page / off-page optimization.

SEO is an important part of every marketing strategy in our digital world. Any sort of content, whether it’s your personal blog or your website’s About Us page, you need to create this content with SEO in mind. But, what about local SEO? If you’re a small business looking to expand in your market, local SEO is something you may not have considered but something you want to consider quickly.

Here are some quick facts about local SEO and how it can help you.

What Is Local SEO?

Basically, local SEO is the practice of SEO on a local scale. The searches in your area are what you’re going after. This makes sure your SEO efforts are focused on searches in the area you’re looking for a business, product, or service . Rather than getting useless clicks that are geographically out of your business area, you get local customers. Many searchers will type for example attorneys near me, or dentists in Livonia. It’s important to show up in search for these queries, as they can increase leads for your business.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

While the importance of SEO in general has been a known practice for years, the importance of local SEO is somewhat new. The vast majority of those looking for a local business or service have searched for it on a smartphone or computer. Most of them called and booked something from these searches. While you may think locals see you every day, they may not even know you’re there. Local SEO can help with that.

What Are Examples of Local Searches?

While you need to do full keyword research, the most common local searches are “(service) near me” or “(service) in (city)”. To learn more about optimizing for keywords, click on this article “5-Steps to Keyword Success.” There’s a lot of widgets and tools you can use to get insights on keywords. Don’t assume what’s intuitive is what makes sense. What people search may surprise you.

What You Need

First, you should optimize all your web properties to enable search engines to find your business. Your website is a great start. Make sure your site is optimized for on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and most importantly make sure it’s technically sound. Learn more about Local SEO here and Technical SEO here. Another method is to utilize social media, such as Facebook, they allow you to highly geo target and create a custom demographic for even more intelligent targeting in your content. You need someone well versed in this to run your campaigns and patience to watch it grow.

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Also, as you would expect, Google has incredible resources that can help your business, and how to build your online marketing campaign. Here is a great video created by Google, check it out here: Google Search Console Training