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Blogging for your business is a great way to drive traffic to your website, add value to your brand, build a relationship with your customers, and enhance their online experience. But like everything else in business, there’s a right way and a wrong way to blog.

So how can you start a successful blog for your business?

While starting a blog may sound intimidating, time-consuming, and (at first) may feel like you’re spewing thoughts into an empty universe, blogging is actually a simple and economical way to strengthen your business and boost sales. So let’s make it even simpler by outlining best practices for creating a business blog. If you’re scared of a blank page, fear not – here’s how to conquer writer’s block and avoid blogging blunders.

Add Value To Your Blog

While blogs are important, you can’t just write to write. Your content needs to speak to your target audience and provide them with valuable information about your service. For instance, let’s say you own a swim spa store. Rather than posting lengthy product reviews that no one reads, write posts for individuals who need help choosing a swim spa. Break down the basics like what models to purchase that match their favorite exercises. If you’re a cleaning service, write for parents and outline how dust allergens affect child development.

Rather than fluff to fill a home page, your blog posts should have relevant information with action items geared to a segment of your audience that’s hungry for help.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is probably the first thing you thought of when we said blog. SEO helps you win the web and beat competitors on Google. No matter how you phrase it, SEO is essential when you’re looking to drive traffic and boost brand awareness.

For success with SEO, keep sentence length varied (but mostly shorter than 20 words), use plenty of transition words, don’t get too fancy with your vocab, separate paragraphs with headers, and use high-quality images.

Your blog should emulate an in-store experience (or in-real-life experience as it pertains to your business). We find it best to create your posts using a casual tone. Always include humor and avoid condescension. Your posts should be written to helpfully instruct rather than preach. In fact, it should feel to your customer like a sales associate from your company is speaking to them directly and in real-time.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Just because you own a jewelry business, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to writing about bracelets and necklaces. Help readers associate your brand with larger ideas that may have little to do with your product on the surface. Use anecdotes, explore current events or everyday grievances. Anything is blog-worthy, especially when it can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

And while it’s great to shape your post around a larger idea or image, remember to connect the post back to your brand. Chat about astrology but relate it to your new line of zodiac bracelets. Discuss annoyances about allergies before emphasizing the importance of hiring a professional cleaning service to rid your home of allergy triggers.

Bottom line: get creative and use a variety of topics to remind readers why your brand is unique and how your brand relates to them.

Stay Consistent

From videos to blogs, consistency is key with any content. Consistent posts keep your readers engaged and loyal. And returning to point #2, search engines love new content. So even creating new posts weekly helps you thrive on Google.

Hook Them Quick

Your title is your first opportunity to hook readers (and search engines). Keep titles relevant and use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are larger phrases that directly match what users are searching for online (i.e., best cleaning service 2021, best cleaning service for single moms). Use action verbs such as write, wear, and clean or phrase your title with a question like, Should I Invest in a Home Cleaning Service?


In today’s world, everybody is a writer. Now that you understand the basics of blogging, hopefully you can move the written needle and create engaging customer-driven content for your business.

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