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Are you posting to your business’s Facebook page and struggling to see real results? Hoping for more precious likes, favorites, and follows? While social media may look easy, building and maintaining a loyal online following can be tricky and often requires professional help. But if your budget is tight and you’re looking to DIY, we’ve got several tips and tricks for effective social marketing. Stay scrolling.

Where to Begin With Your Social Strategy

If you own a small business, there’s a chance you’ve been avoiding social marketing. Maybe the ever-evolving medium intimidates you, maybe you’re worried about budgeting for social, or maybe you truly believe that your business doesn’t need a social boost for success. Whatever your reasoning, let’s bust open a few myths and walk through some key strategies for effective social marketing.

And if you’re actively seeking help with your small business’ social presence, that’s an incredible start. It’s estimated that nearly 40% of small businesses say they don’t use social media accounts. But the truth is, your audience lives online and by establishing a strong presence, you’re both retaining existing customers and growing that customer base. After all, 52% of online brand discovery happens in public social feeds, and these days, customers often search for you on social before finding your website.

Diversify Your Social Presence Online

Updating a Facebook page is simply not enough. If you’re on Facebook, why not have a social account on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube as well! If someone can’t discover your brand on multiple social platforms, your legitimacy has just plummeted. Remember – new customers won’t spend too long trying to find you. With the average attention span measured in seconds, most users will take note of what’s at their fingertips and plunge forward.

Build Social Accounts That Make Sense

Don’t build LinkedIn profiles just because you feel the need to check those boxes. When you force social, your presence will feel in-authentic. It’s important to know your target audience and articulate your business goals in order to choose which platforms will meet your audience and which platforms ultimately advance those goals.

Is a large segment of your audience Generation Z or younger millennials? By all means, carve out a niche on Snapchat. Are you a true B2B brand? Then develop a strong presence on LinkedIn. Are you focused more on brand awareness and discovery than community-building? Invest in Instagram over Facebook.

While social media and the endless platforms can sometimes feel overwhelming, focus your energy on two to three that match your company’s voice so you can meet your audience where they’re scrolling.

Develop A Social Strategy

Social media is an opportunity to show off your business’ values in an approachable way. Figure out what content resonates with your audience and develop a unique voice on social media that speaks directly to them. As your audience scrolls, they should feel like they’re going back-and-forth with a close college friend, not a robotic businessman devoid of personality.

A few tips for a strong strategy: develop a consistent voice, use high-quality images as users are more likely to share visual content, capitalize on holidays and timely topics, and stick to a schedule.

Consistency Is Key With Your Social Media Message

More on that last point – consistent content promotes engagement and followers. And in addition to the amount you’re posting per week, it’s important to be consistent with your voice. If you’ve developed the tone of a college friend, don’t suddenly start speaking like a concerned parent. Your audience will be confused and less likely to engage.

Top social agencies also use content calendars to stay organized and consistent. Tools like HootSuite and SproutSocial are great for automating posts and managing all profiles in one place.

Check The Competition

While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, imitation is not the end goal here. When you feel stuck for content, scroll through the profiles of similar businesses or brands near you. What are they posting that’s generating serious shares? Are they frequently offering sweepstakes and giveaways to grow their audience? Are they using stories, featuring employees, or partnering with local hotspots?

Find inspiration from others while making it your own. Hopefully you now have the confidence to dive head-first into social strategy. More questions on effective social marketing for small businesses?

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