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For those of us without computer science degrees or in-depth knowledge of the internet’s inner workings, gaining website traffic can feel like a recipe with mystery ingredients. So let’s demystify the process by outlining a few simple steps to boost traffic and, in turn, generate sales.

Contrary to what you may believe about websites leading the pack of organic search results, there’s no need to pay for followers or try and pay your way to a top spot in the SERPS (search engine results page). In fact, most of these tips are free! Let’s start with a few paid ways before diving into strategies without an entrance fee.

Paid Route To Increased Website Traffic


While calling Google direct and asking nicely to be placed up top is not an option, it’s no secret that many sites pay to play. You’ve likely noticed the handful of sites that pop up on a results page marked with a AD box. These sites are running paid campaigns. You can also run paid ads on social sites. Although competitive and (sometimes) expensive, paid advertising can guarantee clicks, scrolls, and eyeballs on your site.

Email marketing

How many times have you spent money at a business due to tempting email marketing that hits your inbox every week with the latest trends, sales, and drop-dead deals? Likely more than you’d care to admit. That’s because email marketing works. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an ROI of over $40. Now think about every additional user who clicks without making a purchase.

So if you want more traffic, use email marketing to remind users what’s relevant on your page, or your latest offer. Just make sure your emails are engaging, personalized to your audience (at least address the receiver by name), and free from spam or click-bait.

Free Route to Increased Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimization

We can’t mention website traffic without addressing the elephant in the room. SEO is your key to boosting traffic, and it may be easier than you think to achieve prime organic search results. Start by optimizing your content. Tools like Yoast help track your SEO ranking as you type. Some general tips – use shorter sentences that are easier to read, use plenty of transition words, and be sure to link internally when possible. Also ensure your site is responsive and optimized for speed. Have you ever stuck around while a site takes 10 seconds to load? Probably not. And when it comes to headlines, avoid click-bait but create headlines that are difficult to resist. Think, “Surprising Cosmetic Products That Transform Your Look,” or “Top 3 Tips To Land Your First …Client.” Avoid generic and think outside of the box! Sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy are leaders in headlines if you’re looking for inspiration.

Share The Love (On LinkedIn)

LinkedIn can be your most powerful weapon, especially if you’ve got a substantial number of connections or followers. If you’ve got blog content, consider sharing posts most relevant to your connections and crafting future posts with your online community in mind. If you notice trends in what your professional connects are sharing or commenting on or lamenting about, write a post about it and hit the share button. Optimize your post with high-quality images, a strong headline, and a description hinting at the post’s content for better results.


Your site shouldn’t include dozens of 600-word blog posts with formulaic layouts. Create short-form as well as long-form content, add infographics to some and video content to others. Think list content, essay content, galleries of images, and every format possible that aligns with your brand. The more diverse your content, the more diverse and wide-spread your site’s appeal. Speaking of which, video content is a prime engagement driver and traffic booster. If you haven’t already created videos for your site, it’s time to hit record.

Guest Posts

Sometimes collaboration is key. Find other users with sites like yours and request a guest post. Guest posts are posts that you conceptualize, create, and share with a colleague to post on their site. Within your post, incorporate at least one link that links back to your website. Just make sure your link is actually within the article itself. Links at the bottom of the page next to your name and bio are rarely clicked on.

Nevertheless, finding colleagues with similar audiences (and larger audiences!) can help your site gain critical exposure. Guest posts are to bloggers like retweets are to aspiring influencers.


Whether you’re dolling out big bucks or driving clicks on a budget, many simple strategies can boost traffic in ways that advance your business goals.

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