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Have you done everything to create the perfect website for your business but still can’t seem to boost site traffic? It’s time to implement some search engine optimization. When it comes to websites, search engines can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

So what exactly are search engines and what can they do for my website?

To put it simply, search engines are the software systems that help you search online. The last time you needed to research a service or had a question, you probably went to Google, Bing, or Yahoo! These are all considered search engines and they’re the keys to unlocking website traffic and brand awareness. Search engines connect consumers with your service by using your website (and hundreds of others) as an answer to countless questions.

Search Engines 101

If you outsource everything digital and don’t know much about the internet, you probably think you’ve got no control over the results that Google presents to its 5.6 billion daily users. Well, you’d be wrong.

There are many ways of optimizing website content to boost your SEO score and therefore increase your chances of landing in those coveted first few links on a results page. While the sites with the most traffic do receive higher visibility, there are always tweaks that allow you to steer your digital ship with more accuracy. But for now, let’s discuss why it’s important to consider SEO when you’re building or enhancing your business’ online presence.

How Do Search Engines Work?

Search engines examine the content that’s available to them, categorize the content, and finally, determine which content is most useful for the searcher. Bots in search engines are programmed to go from page to page in constant search of new links and sites to include in a user’s search. The key to beating the bots and nailing a top score lies in something called search engine optimization which we’ll dive into a bit later.

Why Are They’re Important?

Appearing in the results page of a search engine is important for several reasons. Let’s break them all down.

Ensure Visibility

It is well known that the vast majority of consumers research a product or service online before buying. Because the sites that a search engine has deemed the most relevant appear towards the top, the majority of shoppers limit their clicks to the first few results. If you can increase your chances of scoring a top link, more users will click on your site which ultimately increases visibility.

Boost Sales

And with increased visibility, comes increased traffic. More people viewing your website and finding relevant content means more people purchasing your products.

Add Legitimacy

Users look to sites like Google for trustworthy information. In fact, in a recent study, the majority of respondents claimed to have made life decisions based on their Google searches. Because the job of a search engine is to provide authority on relevant results, when your site appears at the top, you’ve just been granted authority.

Grow Your Audience

A higher search rank means more visibility, more relevant traffic, and, as mentioned, more sales. Consumers are also more likely to share your site on social platforms if it’s truly relevant to their needs. Expand your customer-base and boost business with a site that ranks at the top of every search results page.

What Else Can I Do To Increase My Search Presence Online?

Some companies pay to play. That means paying search engines for your website to appear at the very top of results when a user searches for a variety of pre-selected keywords. If you use paid search, a little AD button appears beside your URL. The pros of this method are, of course, guaranteed exposure. However, paid searches hurt your marketing budget. Plus, it’s important to remember that some searchers distrust sponsored sites and the click-through-rate of paid results is just 6%.

There are also several ways to optimize your site with strategic, manual content changes. For instance, use short, readable sentences, include transition words, and use quality images. If you’ve got blog content, break up text with subheadings and use the active voice whenever possible. While these changes may seem minuscule, they make a world of a difference when it comes to boosting your ranks on the SEO battlefield. Tools like Yoast help ensure every piece of content or your site is search engine optimized.

Now that you’re an expert on search engines, start applying SEO best practices to your site. Increased traffic and stronger sales are always one click away.

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On a final note, as you would expect, Google has great resources highlighting SEO best practices, and how to grow your online advertising strategy check it out here: Google Web Master Tools.