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Pay per click marketing is a great way to generate attention to your business products and services. It is an investment that is worth including in your long-term growth strategy.

Google AdWords marketing enables companies to make solid first impressions. Combined with quality content you are sure to connect with your target audience. Ad copy development should include short phrases about your service, or product. Every detail must impress, build trust, and run on integrity. You don’t want to overdo a play on words either. In fact, Google discourages superlatives such as using words such as greatest, or best. Google won’t allow repeated words or excessive use of capitalization either. Focus on quality, short and simple!

Speaking of quality, think about your quality score. This can affect your final costs. This score primarily focuses on your ad, keywords, your landing page (which should include your keywords), and click metrics to name a few. A sliding scale exists and search engines will increase or decrease bid amounts in order to gain specific positions. To build a solid quality score, you need to build your history. It is wise to keep testing your ad copy for click through rates. The better this is, the more it can impact your score. Keep high performing ads and keywords in their own campaign. Monitor the performance of your ads by time of day, geography, and search networks. It may be worth the money to have this professionally overseen by an approved Google Partner, such as Web Fox Marketing 🙂 There may be times when a competitor has dropped from the top spot and this may enable you to strategically reduce your bid, and be more cost effective. Obviously, your budget is key! It is important to actively manage your campaigns budget, try new strategies, and invest in those that work. Keeping an eye on profitability will ensure your ability to “bid another day!”

There are some other aspects to take into consideration for the most effective PPC campaign. Ad extensions for example, can significantly improve conversions; call extensions, sitelinks, location, structured snippet’s, etc – all can have a positive impact. Regardless of the type of marketing being implemented, always stay true to yourself, your brand. It is one and the same!

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Also, Google has great resources regarding paid ad campaigns. Here is a great video, “Get Started with Google AdWords: What are Search Ads?

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