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In this day and age, if you own any type of business, then you most likely apply some sort of brand marketing to your repertoire. However, it’s likely that you’ve never truly considered the importance and implications that marketing your brand has on your business. By 2021 more than $25.1 billion will be spent on automatic digital marketing tools. Currently 90% of individuals search for brands before they buy a product. What does this mean? Your business can digitally market your brand to 90% of the population at a time, how’s that for important!

Marketing Your Brand Digitally In a nutshell

Digital marketing often refers to promoting your products and/or services through digital channels. These include; email, websites, social networks, search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc), and of-course mobile apps! All businesses can benefit from a well-designed and targeted digital campaign.

Everything we do is online. That’s why brand marketing should be the central focus for every business; online, small business, or otherwise. Marketing online is the key to building trust and return customers. In a nutshell, the benefits include:

  • Interaction with potential clients through online channels
  • Gain valuable insights into what prospects are looking for
  • Marketing to a global marketplace throughout the internet
  • Cost effective and scalable
  • Building your brand trust and loyalty
  • Efforts are measurable

There’s no doubt that individuals use their phones a lot, too much. The average cell phone user checks their phone at least 47 times a day and has at least 7 social media accounts. As a smart business owner take advantage of that time. Strategic marketing places your product or service in front of users almost 50 times per day. Sometimes, digital marketing can be aggravating, since 89% of messages go unread. However, individuals admit that one of the top ten reasons they use social media is to learn about trends and products to buy, so there is hope.

Cost effective & wide-reaching marketing channels

Brand marketing online is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing because it reaches millions of prospects, specifically the prospects you want. A billboard might reach one million individuals, but as a business owner there is no way to control what percentage of those users is actually in the market for your goods or services. With social media advertising you can track exactly what behaviors (likes, clicks, follows, etc) can trigger an ad. That way you significantly improve your target audience and show your ad to the right users.

Many individuals love to feel like they’re the only one in the world you’re marketing to. A personalized ad can be achieved by tracking actions such as: history, clicks, likes, and hashtags. Top that with a personalized email or direct message and you’re almost guaranteed a new client or prospect. Marketing allows individual personalization that other methods of marketing do not. This builds trust and loyalty with clients. If you’re a business owner, digital marketing is too important to ignore.

Access to a significant number of individuals where you can communicate your message, brand, and offers is key. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, businesses must foster relationships while measuring their progress throughout the customer journey.

Building relationships require communication and interaction. Consumers no longer walk around from place to place seeking out solutions that will fill their need, it is now the responsibility of business owners to take keep their business front and center. It is no longer an advanced strategy but an initiative that is expected. How you go about interacting with your existing and potential customers will have a direct impact on the success of your efforts. The higher your level of exposure, the more results you can expect to receive, this has opened the way for a range of channels that can be used to reach your target audience.

With the introduction and expansion of businesses online, brand marketing has played a key role in helping companies expand their reach. Numerous platforms provide an easy way to access a large audience and it effectively creates brand awareness by controlling the quality, frequency and limits of your interaction with your target audience.

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