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As you probably know, building a website is just half the battle. You also have to make sure that people can find your website. And not just anyone – your target customer.

One way to solidify SEO success is by improving your keywords. Keywords are the words in your website that (hopefully) match words consumers use in an online search. You can think of strong keywords in your website like all-access passes to online relevancy.

So how can you choose the best keywords for your website?

Like everything, there’s a method to the madness. Whether it’s using tools to analyze competitors or staying abreast of what’s trending, here are five tips for choosing keywords that work harder and smarter for your site. Stay tuned.

1. Check Out Your Competition

It’s important to know what keywords your competitors are targeting. Compile a list of competitors and analyze their pages and content for keywords. Study similarities and learn from top trends. For example, if several swimwear companies dominate the top spots on Google and all have blog posts about a specific designer, that’s a pretty good indication that the designer is a strong keyword. You can also use tools like SEMrush which lists out the pages your competitors are gaining the most traffic for. When you know their most popular pages, you can deduce which keywords are working the hardest.

2. Some Research Goes A Long Way

Proper keyword research is vital because it clarifies what search queries your audience prefers. At Web Fox Marketing, we often find individuals who utilize one set of terms when detailing their services, while their target market uses a different set of terms. As a result, they are more difficult for prospective customers to find them online, due to a mismatch in search terms (keywords).

You can easily avoid this problem with proper keyword research. Always try and think about what search terms individuals enter into Google when searching for your services, or products. And more importantly what do they anticipate finding? This is easier said than done, however, there are several free tools online that can help you with this objects such as ahrefs.

When you generate this list, you can write content that is likely to attract additional higher quality traffic to your landing pages. Keyword research is ever evolving and revisiting your content regularly can pay big dividends.

3. Go Long

When it comes to SEO, long-tail keywords can be your biggest booster. Long-tail keywords are a combination of three or more words or phrases. While they tend to narrow search results, they’re great at generating more relevant results. And it makes sense. If you sell men’s Fossil watches, the words combined into one phrase (as opposed to separated out word-by-word) are more likely to be used by people searching for the exact product you sell. The more relevant your keywords, the quicker you’ll convert searchers into customers.

4. Chase The Low-Hanging Fruit

Sometimes you’ve unknowingly set yourself up for success. Tools like Google Console can help you determine which keywords on your site are already driving strong traffic. Consider beefing up keywords that are driving impressions at the bottom of the first page of search results. Why? You’ll have an easier time optimizing a keyword that’s already working for you.

5. Be The Consumer

We can go on for days about trending tools and Google software, but sometimes the best answer is the simplest. Take a step back from the algorithm and think about your target audience. Who are they? What are they searching for? What state of mind is someone in when they’re searching for products like yours? The answers to these questions can help you understand exactly what consumers are searching for when they’re curious, browsing, or ready to purchase. When you understand what consumers are thinking, you can create keywords that lead shoppers straight to your site.

Once you’ve identified your strong keywords, make sure to use those words in your title tag, meta description, heading tag, and, of course, within the content of your site.

If SEO is a painting, keywords are your most effective brushes. Whatever your industry, strong keywords can unlock search engine success and turn browsers into shoppers.

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