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When you have a successful business, it strengthens the level of quality and services offered to your customers. At the end of the day, you don’t want expenses to outweigh the product/service price, creating a loss, and ultimately impacting your business. Happy customers should equate to profits, which in-turn enables entrepreneurs to reinvest in their business.

That’s the goal, but how do you accomplish such in this digital age? At Webfox Marketing, we feel that it starts with advertising your brand online, and a word can make all the difference. To state this more precisely, it’s a keyword strategy.

Any web marketing campaign needs to align business goals with the public, your target market

It certainly wouldn’t be wise for your marketing dollars to attract prospects looking for services you do not provide. If the business needs are to generate a mass appeal, to promote a company’s brand name or message, then a solid web advertising strategy is paramount.

We believe business owners should focus their keyword strategy on CPA (cost per acquisition), which can include several important marketing objectives.

Designing a keyword marketing campaign that measures results, can go a long way in understanding why prospects clicked through to your website. Was something purchased? What was the draw, the interest that influenced that consumer? Marketers need to learn exactly what was effective, to understand which approach is worth pursuing. Google and other search engines take note of user behavior …so should you! As a first step, promoting your brand, product, or service requires an advertising campaign that reaches your target market. The second, and probably most important, are conversions!

We will happily work with your business to launch your online campaign! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your website services, online marketing, PPC Marketing, or advertising strategy. We work with businesses throughout Oakland County MI, serving our local community and beyond!

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