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In today’s digital world, we have information at our fingertips, and many styles for our fingers to do the walking. Whether we use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, we can search just about any time and any place. Websites can appear on any of these platforms, but may not be easy to view and navigate equally. That is unless it involves responsive web design.

Utilizing responsive technology provides an optimal viewing and interactive experience. Mobile devices can display regular websites, but the content can be difficult to read and harder to navigate. A responsive website improves this. Actually, it provides a customized viewing experience for different browsing platforms.

Web designers experienced in optimizing for mobile, are able to build pages that detect each visitor’s screen size, orientation, and change the layout accordingly.

The goals are accomplished through a variety of methods. This type of design implementation loads specific HTML and CSS for corresponding devices. The first, HTML is hypertext markup language that is used to create webpages. This refers to hyperlinks that an HTML page may have. This involves a word, phrase, or image to click on to jump to a new document, or section of a page. It allows users to browse information at hyper speed. The markup language refers to the way tags, or basic formatting tools are used within HTML to define a page layout and details within the pages.

The HTML also uses media queries which automatically load different cascading style sheets (CSS). This enables web design companies to create a uniform look across several pages of a website. It affects text styles, formatting of table cells, thickness of lines, color, padding around images, etc. It makes it easier to change styles across several pages at once.

We came across this interesting video created by Google talking about responsive website design. Notice this video was created in 2013! Here is the link… “Is there an SEO disadvantage to using responsive design instead of separate mobile URLs?

Not only does it improve usability for devices, it impacts speed with better page load times for mobile devices. And this certainly improves your lead generation strategy for local SEO with better rankings! If you have any questions regarding responsive web design, please give us a call. We would be happy to improve or develop this for your website. We are Novi, Michigan website developers and work with many clients throughout Oakland County. Call today for your FREE website consultation!