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You have a business. You want to advertise and become well known, successful. Gone are the days of solely advertising by using newspapers, magazines, flyers, benches, or even billboards for larger budgets. Although these do reach the public, they’re limited. It has to go beyond snail mail and high ways to cyber space. We now need to compete in a growing market where searching for what we want takes seconds.

Responsive websites are now a necessity for a successful business

Search engine optimization is crucial in order to reach your market. Your website needs to pop up quickly with any search. Google ranks over 200 factors and consistently adds new ones, modifying along the way. And don’t forget about mobile, websites will start to drop in ranking if they don’t address mobile search compatibility. Today, mobile devices account for the majority of all internet searches.

First impressions matter regardless of the device used by consumers. Whether it’s that popular mobile device, tablet, or PC, your look must be engaging and an attention grabber. Any search is done due to a question or a need. Your site must be clear in what it offers, how it provides answers and takes care of what customers are looking for. Also, you want them to linger, so make it enticing.

Factors such as the SEO title, and meta description matter. This content helps Google and other search engines rank your site so that prospects can find your business online. Creating the optimal description is a crucial step in your landing page design.

To become successful with your online marketing strategy, website security is a must. At Webfox Marketing, we take security seriously. We are vigilant, proactive, and check regularly for malware and known vulnerabilities. We go the extra mile to ensure your web properties are safe and built using the highest standards available today.

Finally, website design should predict and solve factors that influence the user experience (UX). Features on your website should be easy to navigate and understand. Providing opportunities for the public to interact with your site is key also. Depending on the business, your site might provide options for making appointments, questions responded to, reviews available, content information, and a blog, etc.

Web Fox Marketing can assist you with any of your website design questions or develop a lead generation strategy. We are located in Novi, Michigan serving our local community and beyond! Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your online SEO or social marketing campaign.

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