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A picture is worth a thousand words! Well, that’s an expression that’s been around for quite some time. Some things old are, well, still relevant today. A picture can speak volumes. It can evoke humor, emotion, a sensitive, or intense message. It can also linger in your mind. Imagery is powerful. It is also informative, as well as entertaining. It is also a very effective tool for content marketing!

Now some people might have a short attention span, in fact in today’s world, most people do. That is unless they yearn to know more about something that matters to them. Time is valued. If something takes too long, they move on. In today’s world, too long could be more than five seconds, especially during searches, or scanning information. Not only are people busy with balancing school, work, family, and leisure, they also are now ingrained in a life of instant gratification. It doesn’t take long to obtain, accept, or reject information. It doesn’t take long to reach out and inform, connecting with others in this social media world we live in. Imagery can be an attention grabber that leaves one intrigued, perhaps yearning for more.

The content you provide can be a crucial asset for your digital marketing campaign.

It can make a difference, having the potential in developing long term customers. Whatever information you provide, you want it to be relevant. This quality content needs to be quickly absorbed, to hold the interest of the reader. It works well if the material can be broken up and combined with images, using minimal text to explain the topic. More in-depth details can be provided for those that prefer to delve further. The reader can have choices, but the over-all impact is accomplished in the style it’s presented in.

If you create an interest, you create the possibility of someone that might return. Any impression you create has a direct correlation upon you, your brand. Those that linger, those that return, want to learn from what you offer. Through this trust is developed. Through this, loyalty grows and matures. In time, this guides the potential for appointments, and/or purchases. Customers influence each other on a large scale. The goal is to have that impact to be a positive one, promoting you and what you offer. Never underestimate the power of an image, or the effect of word-of-mouth in your digital marketing strategy.

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Also, as you would expect, Google has incredible resources to help your digital marketing strategy. Here is a great video produced by Google, check it out here: Thin content with little or no added value.