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We are all familiar with the expression, “First impressions Matter,” and do they ever! In today’s digital world, you have a few seconds to accomplish just that. Most companies that invest in their digital assets, benefit from ranking their properties in the SERP’s (search engine results page), and are well on their way to expanding their digital footprint.

Online visitors come and go, but you want them to stay on your website. How do you accomplish that?

The first thing to do is figure out why people are only visiting. There are many ways to gather analytics and data to identify and improve user engagement. However, if it takes beyond a few seconds for your site to load, visitors will move on. We now live in a time of instant gratification. It is no truer than in the digital world. People are busy and impatient and want fast results. Unfortunately, underperforming websites lose out if they can’t meet those basic needs.

Critics used to say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well here, you are instantly judged as to the worth of a person’s time, to invest themselves in what you have to offer.

Not only must your site appear within seconds, it must also entice the visitor to linger longer. Your site – dress to impress. If your ads and content sources are inconsistent, confusing and not concise, you can say goodbye to that potential customer. What else can you do to turn a visitor into a resident?

Please sign the guest book. In other words, obtain contact information in order to reconnect. The usual, “submit here” and “sign up now” are pretty much the standard and are now regarded as rather boring. You need to pique others’ interests with more enticing offers and words, such as a free trial, to discover more, offer a discount, obtain tips, etc.

We are a multisensory society now more than ever. You can encourage dedicated customers by offering blogs, video content, or webinars. Vary the format of your content to develop a solid stream of visitors that decide to stay for the long run.

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