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Getting inbound traffic is the hard part, next is converting prospects into customers. Carefully crafted landing pages significantly increase the odds of conversions. Arguably, the most important benefit of a landing web page is to drive targeted leads.
Directing visitors to a website where they can find exactly what they are actually looking for, is far much more effective than getting lost in your “all-inclusive” website. Visitors can easily become distracted and as a result, will hit the back button without hesitation.

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Put simply, web landing pages are “mini” websites that enables you to capture your prospects information. Typically, the site owners will target their audience to generate traffic from an ad or email campaign. Offering free materials such as trials, demos, consultations are an effective way to build your list. Once you capture your visitors information, you now have a viable lead whom you can easily follow up. More importantly, your leads want you to contact them.
We found an interesting article which helps explain landing pages, take a look;

Why You Need a Stellar Landing Page to Convert Prospects

Especially when you’re paying per click for your Google ads, the conversion on your landing page is the most important part of the process. Why? Because if you’re only paying when someone clicks on one of your ads and goes to your landing page, it’s the landing page that’s going to make or break your campaign (we’re assuming here that your keywords and ads aren’t completely out of whack). So you better be darn sure your landing page(s) effectively and efficiently convert visitors into quality leads for your business.Any pay-per-click (PPC) manager can do keyword research and get a bunch of ads set up. But many of them don’t pay any attention to the most important piece of the puzzle: the landing page.
Need more convincing why landing pages are so important? If you can create a landing page that doubles your conversion rate, then you’ll get twice as many leads for the exact same ad spend. And the fact that most of the competition you’re up against in a local market doesn’t pay attention to their landing pages (or even know what one is) means you should be converting much higher than they do, read full article.

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