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At its core, social media marketing is a great platform to enable local businesses, to increase their reach throughout their communities. Ultimately, the goal is to expand your customer base through engagement. Potential customers are already interacting with brands, products, and services via social media. By having a social presence entrepreneurs and individuals alike, have the opportunity to capture the interest of potential followers, clients, and other interested parties. The key is to have a solid plan and monitor/improve along the way.

So, what is Social Media Marketing?

Clearly, there are many ways to benefit from Social Media, and not all strategies are right for every situation. However, we have found the best strategy should include social as part of the overall marketing plan. You can think of social media marketing, as another method of internet marketing, that uses various social networks to create a powerful content delivery and targeting strategy. Ultimately, individuals and businesses use social media to promote their brand.

Social marketing campaigns can be used to syndicate content, share discussions, link images, publish videos and posts. The primary focus of your campaign should include; increasing your brand awareness, gaining website visitors, improving conversions, and offering a gateway to communicate with your audience.

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There are many social networks, and most provide value to some degree. At Webfox Marketing, we can help craft a plan that is right for your business. From social account creation, to content marketing, our staff can help you manage your presence online. Contact our local office here in Novi Michigan to learn more at 248-716-1936.