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In today’s digital world, there has been a rapid growth of pay per click / paid social advertising. This does have a great upside and influences deals in advertising. Money put toward YouTube and Facebook video can really boost content exposure. Although all of this is true, there is nothing like community and connection. This is just what social media means. It all began as conversation. It provided opportunities to react and respond directly. This was not just to and from friends, but also brands and other influencers. It’s been powerful. It still is! In fact, it’s growing stronger!

The demographic of anyone under the age of forty discovers a business for the very first time by either a Google search, or through the content on social media. This is organic!

Quality content is important to marketing, especially to this age group. It seems that when someone comes directly to your page from this initial discovery, it is a more qualified lead. It is also potentially a more valuable customer than someone through a paid advertisement.

Great content is key. It’s crucial. No amount of money can turn bad, or mediocre content good. More time and money should be spent on developing quality content than the money to promote it. This is a long-term strategy for brand awareness and relevance in the marketplace. Great content is a requirement for credibility. Being serious about your content first, and then putting it out there in organic ways on social networks matter. It IS the most natural and current state of the internet! Using proper hashtags on Instagram can be a very effective way of being discovered over time. Using these hashtags are a great organic way to also amplify your content. It can be unbelievably effective!

Google has a great video regarding social media and the importance of quality content, Does Google use data from social sites in ranking?

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