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Content marketing systems include a myriad of channels including; social media, videos, eNewsletters, articles, and of-course blogging. The use of multiple channels enable businesses to build a strong reputation and in time, trust within the industry. Targeting the masses must evolve along with technology and changing life styles of our population.

It is becoming apparent that marketing to the masses through television and radio are becoming less effective, and more importantly difficult to quantify. Content needs to be accessible to users “on-the-go,” creating a positive experience to browsers using devices such as smartphones and tablets. Marketing campaigns should be linked with your social accounts including; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. The good news, is that businesses have the ability to build audiences across more channels, today more than ever. Using multiple networks helps to reach numerous consumers. Exposure builds brand equity, making it easier to present your product multiple times, in multiple ways. You just need to tap into the social media networks that are right for your business.

Quality content is important, but delivery style matters. Social Media Marketing is about value and engagement.

Imagine-based content can be beneficial to a marketing campaign, and can make all the difference in developing long term customers. You want quality information to be quickly absorbed, holding the interest of the reader. Well placed content should, for example, be broken up and combined with images using minimal text to explain the topic.

Ad re-targeting can also be very successful. It works by utilizing browser cookies to track websites that users visit. After leaving a certain site, services or products they viewed are shown to them again in advertisements across different websites. It reminds consumers what they were interested in and viewed. It helps to keep the product, or brand on their mind. It also builds familiarity and this tends to develop trust. All of this influences the purchases that consumers make in the moment, or remained on the mind for future purchases.

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