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Pay per click advertising has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years, understandably because it works! When considering online marketing, business owners are presented with a host of options, to the point where it is overwhelming.

PPC simplifies your internet advertising by targeting only individuals who are looking for your services

Businesses are able to attract more customers than ever before. Whether a local business wanting to generate new visitors to their website, increase their online sales, or kick start the phones, then PPC is a great option.
One of the key advantages of a paid campaign, is that you can reach the right people at the right time. We can customize your campaign, enabling visitors to view your ad at the most opportune time for your business. Further, businesses are able to advertise locally or nationally. Regarding the local market, we can even dial in the radius within a few miles. This poses a major advantage for targeting prospects near your physical location.
Our PPC marketing experts will create compelling ad copy, implement cost effective bid strategies, and actively manage your campaign to ensure a return on your investment.
Here at Webfox Marketing, we work with our clients to establish the proper pay per click budget based on your specific marketing objectives. Contact us today for a free consultation 248-716-1936.