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Your online reputation IS everything! It all begins from first impressions and progresses from there. Maintaining a good reputation is important for business, and is something we should always be mindful of. How do you handle a subpar reputation online? That’s a tough one! It’s hard to repair, but with diligent work, it can be improved. This is true for companies as well. The reputation of any company and its owner is one and the same. The responsibility rests there.

In today’s digital world, people talk and the world hears it. This talk includes ideas, opinions, and reviews whether they’re good, bad, or indifferent. Regardless of a company’s size, it’s goods and/or services are being discussed. This could be through tweeting, comments on blogs, Facebook updates about customer experience, Yelp, etc. It is something that cannot be ignored or denied. Nothing protects you from criticism any more. This can be a positive, as part of freedom of speech, but it can also be very negative should the criticism be out to defame or attack a business.

It’s always best to be proactive! When expanding your online marketing campaign, and social media marketing, it is important to be able to highlight positive reviews online.

All businesses should have a plan in place to cultivate reviews. There are many ways to collect feedback which can translate into positive reviews; customer surveys, digital sign-in forms, email campaigns, contests, etc. At Web Fox Marketing we work with local and national businesses to expand and strengthen your brand online. 

First and foremost, you strive to be a respected business. It could be conversations about striving to make some decisions whether to buy your product or obtain your services. Knowing this, it can impact marketing strategies. It is important to be honest and transparent. Addressing criticism promptly, respectfully, politely is important. Being negative yourself, or defensive will only push your reputation in the wrong direction. An appropriate response can influence others in potentially profitable ways. It can address questions and concerns, putting them to rest.

Now, if your business has developed a negative reputation. You’ve got your work cut out for you. You can DIY it, or get connected with a professional digital marketing agency to guide you back on the right track. It will take patience and time, but will be well worth it. We can assist with developing, or improving your online reputation, or answer any questions you may have. Located in Novi, Michigan, we are a full-service digital marketing agency helping clients implement effective reputation management strategies, as well as website marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). We look forward to hear from you, contact us today!