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It’s official, Google is now rolling out their new mobile-first index. In summary, Google will interpret mobile search queries based on the mobile version of your website. As more searches occur on mobile, Google wants the results to represent the majority of their users, who happen to be mobile! Makes sense right?

Put simply, a search engine index is a collection of pages/documents that the search engine has discovered, primarily through crawling the net through links. Historically, Google has crawled the web from a desktop browser point of view. However, now Google is changing that to crawl the web from a mobile browser view.

Mobile responsive websites are an important part of Google’s search algorithm

The move by Google will most definitely benefit websites who’s mobile versions are optimized. The mobile version of your website should contain the majority of content and links, similar to your desktop version. This will ensure that Google Bot will identify the applicable content and rank your site properly.

Our Michigan website developers, at Webfox Marketing, code all sites using the latest mobile technology, which provides exceptional performance in mobile search.

The big question, what if your mobile version has less content than your desktop version…should you be concerned? The answer is Yes! In statements released by Google, they have noted they will look at your mobile version, even if there is less content than your desktop version!

There is still time for those without mobile versions of their website. Google said they have already begun testing the mobile-first index, however, it looks like we are still months away from the full roll out. If you are looking for a mobile version of your website, contact our Michigan web design agency located in Novi. We will be happy to provide a FREE consultation. Call us today at 248-716-1936.