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SEO strategy to rank well includes technical set up, content and links. When it comes to the latter, the goal is always to generate the highest possible references. It is not exactly known what factors determine link quality but a few things are certain. Value and relevancy always override volume.

Use backlinks to improve SEO by following these simple tips

First of all, focus on popularity, topic relevance, and trust. Those that consistently have quality links pointing back to you work best. When other sites mention your content and then guide readers in your direction, you gain a backlink to your site. Links from domains on topics similar to your content carry more authority than those from random sites. Search engines assess websites’ trust. Links from those websites assessed to be trustworthy always impact rankings better.

There are some strategies for link building and getting new back-links. Editorials with organic links, these are backlinks from sites that reference your content. You can outreach and contact other sites for links. Here you can offer to share your quality content and suggest where they could link it to. If they find value in it they will most likely reference it and guide others to you.

It is always wise to know your competition and know them well. By regularly analyzing their back-links, you can identify those that could be revised and recreated for your own use.

Similar to having investments, you diversify and don’t put all your eggs in one basket as the saying goes. The same holds true for links. The more links from a range of sites signals trust and authority. Links from a variety of sites has the potential to create new traffic opportunities to you. It also broadens your visibility and exposes your brand to a wider audience. It’s important to manage your link diversity. It takes times and organization, but it’s well worth it. Stay aware of your log efforts, acquisitions, sources, targets, and text.

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On a final note, as you might have guessed, Google has incredible resources highlighting SEO best practices, and how to build your online advertising strategy. Here is a great video created by Google, check it out here: Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?