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What makes a website great? More importantly, how can a website be designed to work for you vs. collecting “virtual” dust? Most business owners are focused on running the day-to-day operation of their company (as they should be), and rarely consider the effectiveness of their website. The reality is, that tracking conversions and optimizing your online campaign is hard work.

Believe it or not, you only have a few seconds to grab a visitor’s attention! The images, page headings, and overall “feel” of your site better be optimized. Great websites load fast, have clear call to actions, and are engaging. Most online surfers who find  your site are not ready to buy. However, keeping your visitors engaged will greatly increase the opportunity to present your offer. Proficient web designers almost always test their calls-to-actions. After all, improving conversion is all about testing, optimizing, and testing again.

There are no short-cuts to effective website design and online prominence

When clicking on your ad (image or text), your value proposition must match the user’s expectation. If a parent is considering summer camps for their kids, landing on a page talking about adult enrichment classes, is clearly not desired. Far too many webmasters, do not optimize landing pages that address the value proposed in the SERP’s (search engine results page).  High converting websites clearly match the expectations of the visitor. Very simply, make sure your site banner and text closely matches the visitors expectation. Further, offering benefits not initially expected such as “free shipping” can greatly increase the odds of a conversion.

Reassuring your visitor of the reason they should buy from you is just common sense. Video is a great way to bolster credibility and help demonstrate a company’s commitment to the customer experience. Another important factor that has proven to increase conversions, is to include customer testimonials. When able, always link out to the actual review, not only does this show authenticity, but will help with your SEO efforts.

Finally, great converting websites have short forms. More than 4 inputs, in our opinion, is just too much. Further, make sure to clearly identify the “required” fields. There is nothing more frustrating to a prospect, if they need to re-enter data, because they missed a required field. If your prospect is willing to take the time to complete your sign-up form, make it easy!

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