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Social organic marketing is also referred to as natural, or in-bound marketing. It is all about listening, engaging, and building relationships. Social media is the present. It is anticipated that purchases through this platform will only increase. Almost half of social media users using social platforms are thinking about a purchase. Many users actively decide what to buy based on what they’ve seen on social media platforms. This includes reviews and recommendations. This will most certainly continue to increase in time. If someone is happy about a purchase, or experience, it will be shared with their network, each of them sharing, and spreading the word. On the flip side, if someone is unhappy, dozens will be told. Those dozens will tell another dozen each, growing into the hundreds, thousands. In today’s world, your brand is not what you say it is, but rather what consumers tell each other it is!

Along with listening comes learning when we talk about the organic approach to social media marketing

It is important to be relevant with your connections. Talking to customers provides data that is valuable and current. You get to learn what they really like, need, and want. Through this, you can offer products, services that are more enticing than your competition. It can be given at the right place and time.

Quality versus quantity! We have heard this in many situations. It is so true with online marketing as well as off. Have you even been to a trade show, convention center, etc. and obtained dozens of business cards only to put them in your pocket? Perhaps you look at them later, but which one catches your eye, or does it. Rather, have you stopped and inquired about something and that conversation impressed you. The business card now means something to you. This is true with any of your connections with others. Thinking about online followers, more of them doesn’t equate more business. Getting to truly know a few, and them knowing you gets the positive talk flowing. With patience and time, others will naturally refer others your way, wanting to know about you and what you have to offer.

Here is a great video from Google explaining How does Google separate popularity from authority.

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