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Most local businesses are aware of Google’s powerful reach and the advantages afforded via. Adwords and organic ranking. The best web strategies are built to “feed” Google Bot what it wants, and in return soar to the top of search results.

Often, local businesses overlook the power of proper website architecture and code that can provide clear signals that you are open for business.

For example, structured data tells Google exactly what your pages are about. It also helps websites stand out in search results. Another example is leveraging Google+, as this social platform is a great way to capture the attention of consumers in your local market. And getting a link from Google to your website is not a bad thing!

Bing, another search engine, seems to be an oldie, but goodie. At this time, Bing controls approximately 20% of the search market. That may seem like a low number, but in this digital world, that’s an amount not to ignore! Just like Google, Bing has its advantages. Bing has less competition, making it easier to rank higher, and you can see ranking results quicker. Bing Ads are less expensive too. Bing is also more transparent of how they rank sites and what you need to do in order to improve your ranking. This is extremely powerful for business visibility!

It’s very possible that Bing will make gains in popularity when you consider some of the improvements they are gearing up for their users. For outdoor enthusiasts, they now have map features, and searches for hiking trails. You can now check out homes for sale, video lists, radio stations. You can even benefit from Bing with searches for healthy recipes and exercise. Including Bing in your efforts to rank your website is a solid business decision!

The following video from Google helps shed some light on “How does Google separate popularity from authority?”

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