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Have you ever heard of a buying cycle? It exists. For online consumers to make any purchasing decisions, there are multiple steps leading up to it. First there is awareness, a person has a problem or a need that must be met. Next comes research as a solution is investigated (online) and sought. Following this comes consideration which involves a great deal of thinking as knowledge is attained and analyzed. Products, vendors, websites etc. are compared, seeking to discover the highest quality available. Finally, a decision is made that enables one to move forward with the ability to buy. Depending on the business, this might involve making purchases, or being able to make appointments, now knowing what is best for them.

Traditional, or perhaps old-fashioned advertising and marketing might fit within this cycle for the last two steps. It’s content marketing that can make a difference with the first two parts of this cycle. It can raise an awareness of what types of solutions are out there as it educates the public about a product, or business, that otherwise may have never been considered. Potential clients discover this content, enjoy its value and it may be enough for them to even reach out to the company. Through acquiring information that is pertinent to the customer, a trust has already begun to develop with the product and the company.

Content marketing supports digital marketing strategies. A connection between the two is powerful, as the information is delivered to the masses.

Regular content creation is important and can improve SEO efforts as well. Quality content on your website or landing pages, can boost results within search engines. It is valuable, relevant and can hold the interest of those at the controls of their own searches. This can help to establish brand loyalty and create a willingness to buy in the future.

Here is a great video by Google, describing the importance of quality content on your website. You will also learn some common sense tips, check it out here:

Creating great content that performs well in Google search results

Any content must be mobile friendly and incorporate responsive web design. Smartphones are now the dominant way to access any content. Most companies aren’t doing much with real content marketing. This can give you an advantage with your competitors. If you have any questions about generating quality content for your own website or digital marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our Michigan Search Engine Optimization Experts and web design company is located in Novi, Michigan and serve our local community and beyond. Please let us know if we can assist with your SEO marketing strategy, or if you looking to establish one!