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SEO is a form of marketing that’s evolved since its initial days. When SEO first hit the scene, the majority of websites and marketers were using it without form or theme to bomb their websites with keywords in order to raise their rankings. Since those days, Google has gotten smarter, with an ever evolving algorithm that allows both for competitive marketing as well as making sure the products the consumers are getting are worth their time and effort. Content driven marketing is one way to thrive in this space.

Content driven marketing through SEO has become the prime way to take on digital marketing. Bombing your page with keywords and substance-less bids aren’t going to be enough anymore, and might even bury your page in the search returns. Google could assign you a lower score for weak marketing efforts.

To give you a taste of content driven marketing, we’ve put together a quick starter guide as you start to outline your plans.

Keyword Density

While aimlessly dropping keywords doesn’t cut it any more, you still need to prove your article or webpage’s relevance to the Google search that brought it up. Keyword density is how you effectively toe the line of education and informative content and something that still is tailored for a search engine. Peppering your keywords throughout your content, with relevance, is key to creating engagement that will be beloved by a search engine algorithm.

Maximizing SEO With Headlines

In addition to ensuring that your keywords are effectively seeded throughout your article or page, you also need to make sure they appear where they count. Headlines, known as H1’s and H2’s, have priority in the search algorithm. This means that one headline with an effectively used keyword might be worth as much as 2 or 3 paragraphs worth of keyword content as far as the algorithm is concerned.

Social Media Marketing

Articles and blogs aren’t the only thing that’s optimized for keywords. LinkedIn profiles, especially the About section, are subject to the algorithm, as are podcast pages and social media such as Twitter and Instagram. Making sure your social media works in conjunction with your SEO content efforts is going to only help you in search engine work.

Related Questions Include:

Can I Do This By Myself?

The short answer is yes, any digital marketing effort can be undertaken by someone with the means to do it. But, many companies require at least a little bit of consultation before taking the efforts on by themselves. Getting a little bit of help and research done at the beginning, before going on your own is helpful.

How Do I Make a Content Marketing Plan?

It’s more than just knowing what tools to use. You also need to have an overall plan and strategy. Understand your audience and what channels are going to work best, establishing your goals and associated KPIs, create a content calendar, and give yourself hard but manageable deadlines.

Content marketing could be a step in the right direction for your business. But mastering it will take time, research, and commitment. Be patient with yourself and know when to get expert advice.

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Also, as you might have guessed, Google has great resources talking about SEO, and how to build your online marketing campaign. Here is a great video produced by Google, Titled “What is the ideal keyword density of a page?”