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Social media has become a necessity for most businesses as customers expect to see social profiles. It’s also known that many new age consumers make their purchasing decisions based wholly on information gleaned from Facebook and other online sources. Millions of potential customers simply overlook companies that have limited social media presence.

In addition, social media provides an easy and affordable way to promote businesses, advertise, conduct sales and create brand awareness. Businesses from giant conglomerates to mom and pop shops can grow their business and build reputations by following a social media strategy that speaks, targets, and engages their target markets.

Social media levels the playing field

Medium and small business owners have long been at an advertising disadvantage compared to larger competitors. Print, TV and radio ads are often outside their budgets, and can be a challenge to justify advertising through these outlets. Further, it is somewhat difficult to measure success and obtain a clear ROI (return on investment).

But without advertising and marketing, how is a business to scale? Social media marketing can help. Networking sites allow small companies to spread the word with no or minimal cost. They can increase their exposure by purchasing inexpensive advertising, allowing for increased access to additional social media networks. In addition, many social platforms provide detailed analytics that help target the most viable groups. This also provides intelligence on what customers want, a huge asset when it comes to brand building.

Marketing through social media

Businesses with strong social media presence gain marketing exposure on a daily basis. Endless possibilities exist, including podcasts, Web 2.0 campaigns, forums, video marketing, online communities and our blogs. Most successful online marketing efforts rise from a well-formulated sales and marketing plan.

There are many questions that help in building a successful plan, such as the following:

  1. What’s the best way to utilize social network sites and content platforms to reach your target audience?
  2. How can you improve traffic and start a word of mouth campaign that will positively impact your business?
  3. Does sending out surveys to your customers or providing them a forum to give feedback work for you?

How social media propels businesses forward

Social media is fast becoming the most popular reason why individuals access the internet. Clearly, social media is the place to be. Here are a few examples of how social media can propel your business forward:

  • Communicate directly to your audience via blogging
  • Build new relationships through multiple networks
  • Improve existing customer relationships
  • Find like minded people with the similar interests
  • Build your brand
  • Launch new products and services
  • Obtain feedback from clients
  • Improve business and customer relations
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Win new clients
  • Generate direct sales
  • Establish a stellar reputation

Social media provides a cost-effective way to achieve these goals, which can happen in multiple ways. For example, reaching out to customers on social platforms, writing a blog or commenting on a post can all gain attention for your business. These activities are enhanced by networking across multiple platforms. For example, building you LinkedIn network, tweeting regularly, networking on Facebook and sharing YouTube videos, your business will quickly expand and grow throughout the net.

Building an online presence takes time, but can pay huge dividends. When you start, it will often seem like you are not gaining much traction. But as your network grows, each post gains increased attention, creating a snowball effect. For example, starting a Facebook group with five initial members may not seem like a huge achievement, but it is only a first step. As you post more engaging content, the initial five share them with others and so on. News travels fast on social media, so it’s possible to grow a large network in a matter of months. The key resides in planning. By using social media tools to gain intelligence on target markets and creating exciting content that resonates, growing a network and building a brand becomes second nature. With regular maintenance and periodic releases of fresh content, the network continues to reach larger and larger audiences.

Though creating a network takes time, the rewards can be rewarding. Beginning your social journey only takes minutes, however, consistency wins the game.

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