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Website design has become increasingly easier for anybody to create using tools like WordPress, Wix, and Godaddy. One reason is that many of these platforms offer pre-built templates. To make these tools accessible to the average user, templates limit the ability to follow the best strategy, create a unique user experience, and add advanced features many businesses require. If you need a higher level of customization than your typical template, you may consider hiring a professional web designer. Ultimately your website is an extension of your brand and investing in an optimized site should be a priority. Here are a few signs that it’s time to hire a pro:

You need a strategy

When you need a website to build a brand and generate business, strategy becomes essential. Today more than ever, your website is often the first and only representation customers see of your business. Usually, the competition provides professionally designed websites based on effective strategy. Gaining and keeping your market share depends upon your website’s ability to attract traffic/leads and convert to business.

Most business owners are not marketers. They thrive when they focus on their core competencies, rather than losing valuable time struggling through tasks that do not match their skill set. When this applies to creating a website strategy, an experienced website developer is essential.

Effective design should have positive results on site visitors. Visitors tend to trust websites that are well designed and are skeptical of ones that are not. Working with an experienced web agency helps avoid common design pitfalls that can confuse visitors. The internet is loaded with so much data that web surfers have only a limited time to spend on a website. They need to move quickly, and a well-designed site allows easy navigation and instills the trust that motivates users to spend their time on the site.

Effective designers determine a central strategy, layout, and conversion methods accordingly. They create page elements that help generate leads, such as calls to action and opt-in forms. Most importantly, they create an impression that stays with visitors and convinces them to share your message with others.

You need a unique approach to branding

Hiring a professional web company often means the difference between an average site and a great one that provides a return.  It also brings a fresh perspective to the project, which allows for ideas you never thought about. These ideas are often the genesis of the great designs that establish your brand. Always keep in mind, visitors gain their first impressions in seconds, so creating a design that connects with your audience ensures the experience is positive.

Complex features require expertise

While modifying a template website may be within the technical ability of an average person, complex features require a professional. For example, adding a booking page or an opt-in form with conditional logic is best done by an experienced developer. Without proper integration, these elements may not function properly, costing revenue. Also, a poor design may discourage visitors, inducing them to look elsewhere for the product or service you offer.

In addition, a professional designer knows what features best suit your website. It’s easy to simply integrate the features seen on another site, but there may be far better options. An expert can choose the best ones and avoid over complicating the website with unnecessary features.

Site upkeep and maintenance

The more features, the more that can go wrong. Imagine if your website went down or is slow to load. This can quickly become a disaster if you lack the expertise to fix the problem. Also, a professional can handle the regular updates that distract from the core mission of your organization. For example, software and plugins require continuous updates.

Further, security such as backing up data offsite is necessary to protect your data in-case your site is “hacked.” A web agency can ensure your site is always up and running efficiently. This leaves you free to focus on the things that make your business profitable.

When you hire a professional web designer, you gain the benefit of their experience. Unless you have the time to learn how to build websites, choosing a knowledgeable designer is a better choice. This is because creating a unique website takes specialized skills, which is why most do-it-yourself websites lack creativity and uniqueness. Hiring a professional web designer ensures a website that will address your business goals. It’s relatively easy to build a “good-looking” website, however, building a website that will generate revenue for your business is another story!

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