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Keywords serve an important purpose in SEO, and certainly should be well researched prior to engaging in any search campaign. If your keywords haven’t achieved the ranking your website deserves, it’s time to focus on website usability.
Search engine algorithms consider several factors when ranking web pages such as average visitor duration, bounce rate, broken links, and outbound links. The key to succeeding with these metrics lies in persuading users to spend more time on your site while interacting with your content. Great content combined with a user-friendly navigation can boost ranking positions.User friendly sites rank better than most because search bots prioritize user experience. Relevant keywords are important in attracting visitors. To avoid poor search ranking, your site better be optimized for usability. Important considerations include:

Site Effectiveness

To rank highly in effectiveness, visitors must perceive value. For example, when users quickly find the information they need or can easily order a desired product, rankings increase.
Site Efficiency

How quickly can visitors achieve their objectives? By making navigation intuitive, you make it easier for visitors to achieve their goals and subsequently enhance SEO objectives. Intuitive navigation prevents users from abandoning the website too quickly because they are unable to find needed information. Also, it means they spend more time viewing your products or reading your message.

Repeat Traffic Is A Clear Signal Your Site Is Relevant.

Not only does repeat traffic boost Google rankings, it can make your site more memorable therefore, increasing the chance prior visitors will return.

Eliminate Technical Errors

Algorithms penalize websites that have obvious (and less obvious) errors. These can include broken links, 404 pages, blocked content, large images, slow loading pages, etc. By keeping on top of technical factors webmasters have a much better chance in improved SEO rankings.
Another technical factor that often is neglected, is the proper use of header tags. Header tags break content into titles/sections that make them easier to follow and refer back to. Header tags can be easily inserted into any website and will certainly help increase rankings.

Useful, Highly Relevant Content

Search algorithms focus heavily on dwell time, which is the amount of time visitors spend on a website. They consider this important because it is an indicator of how well the content matches keywords and the quality of the content. Visitors will stay on the page when its content is engaging and relevant. Longer content typically allows for more valuable information, with the bonus of being able to insert important keywords and links, all of which enhance SEO.

Outbound Links

Adding outbound links (hyperlinks) to relevant content, is one of the simplest and most effective methods for enhancing SEO. To make your content more useful, you can link out to authority sites for more in-depth information. By linking to highly respected websites, the user experience will generally increase. These sites send trust signals to Google that ultimately will enhance ranking.

Don’t Forget Multimedia Content

While quality content is key to search engine rankings, you should never neglect multimedia options, such as images, videos, slideshows and audio. These additional forms enrich the user experience and provides visitors with several choices for how they interact with content. Using multiple content forms offers a rounded, robust experience for visitors. SEO is about so much more than keywords. The keywords help drive web surfers who are interested in your content to your pages, but a variety of techniques need to be considered for a website to rise to the top of the SERPS (search engine results page). Websites must be effective, efficient, relevant, and free from technical errors. By designing content around these objectives, web builders can increase their presence online!

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On a final note, as you would expect, Google has great resources highlighting SEO best practices, and how to build your online marketing strategy. Here is a great video created by Google, check it out here: Creating an SEO strategy (with Webmaster Tools!)